Monday, November 30, 2009

Linda Dress and Motion




Linda Chung is a shopper!! She a shopping lover, she said that shopping helping her sadnest to a happiness. Linda always a happy person and always play a role as happy ending you can always see her smile on every series on TVB but sometimes theres is many crying scene she said that those scene is kinda sad but she said that sometimes tears can not come out of her eyes so she always prepare herself to forgot about the happy moments and think of a sad moment but she said that she have not much sad moment so she focus on the feeling and she have to give her a question WHY I AM GOING TO CRY ON THIS SCENE? and while she filming there she have the answer and she said that she's always have the sad feeling on that scene. And when she finish she wipe her tears and started to SMILE =).

The thing she like to most when she shop is Dress and Jewels like 3 of those pictures up there. She is a very picky person, if she don't like it she won't get it, she said that she is not hard or anything but she like what she like better she don't have the same thinking as others. For me Linda is pretty on everything without make up she still look very cute and so is short or long hair she still look pretty like some other fans said.

She said she does really care about her style and her look but sometimes in a series or movies she can not choose on her own sometimes she can but mostly what the series about she have to be that character but she morely like to pick her own. But sometimes she's really enjoy her character she would not like to change.

She said that shopping can make you feel happy get what you want and having fun. Sometimes she is kinda nervous about reporters follow her but she said that not much I don't tell them where I go they won't know it. And if she don't want anyone to know she just wear a hat with her glasses no one going to find out. But if someone find out I am just gonna run out the Mall. Just kidding sometimes I have my manager come with or my friends or sometimes securitys to come with to make sure everyting is OK!! =)

It seem kinda funny but I think that an actor like Linda or Raymond Lam have to do the same but I think that Raymond can not come to the Mall whithout a securitys and so is Linda so the securitys can protect them from fans. Everytime when Linda or others actress come to an airphane or somewhere outside they have a manager come with and some securitys.

All of those crazy fans is sometimes going VERY VERY CRAZZY some actors don't like it but what can they do just wish that get in the car? Some of the actress think different so is hard to say. But Linda love her FANS she said that if we don't have them then we can not have anymore fans and no one is going to support us or love us. That's why everytime there's a fan coming she is very excited to take pictures or sign autograph the last word is THANK YOU.

That is what I LOVE about Linda always nice =)


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