Monday, November 23, 2009

Linda injured her shoulder while she practive Wing Chun


Linda Chung attended Shaw Brothers 72 tenants blessing ceremony on last Friday.
She said that she started learning Wing Chun speacially for the role she play in the flim. While she practicing, she injured her shoulder. Since she is learning about Wing Chun, she try to make (feel) her muscle stronger and she has lost bit of weight.

Linda said that the scene is very action, she have to fight against 10 people just like IP MAN. That why she wanted to learn from Wing Chun. When three sessions done she had been cramps and injured her shoulder. In the film, she play a role as Wong CHo Lam girlfriend, Eric Tsang and Anita Yuen are her parents. She talking about her kissing scene too. Some reporter ask her if she mind to have a boyfriend that is shorter then her? Linda is frankly in reality, it not possible for me to look for a short guys. But the most important things is I have FEELING and GOOD TIMMING.

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