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Police Take Linda Home, Get Denounced for Wasting Tax Payers Money

Recently Linda Chung has been filming series into the late nights, yesterday morning she exposed on Weibo that the police took her home. She wrote: "Something interesting happened today, I was waiting for a long time and still no taxi. Fortunately a police van came by and they gave me a ride home. Thanx a lot! Good night everyone! Sweet dreams!"

Fans praised Linda for being able to catch the police's attention and get their help, but some people denounced her that she's wasting the tax payers' money and suspects the police violated the police regulations.

Reporters contracted Linda by phone and she explained: "At the time it was just a few minutes into midnight. I was standing outside of TVB City for a long time and still no taxi. Coincidentally, a police van passed by and I went up to ask if they could take me to a place where there are taxis. (Posting on Weibo, not afraid of suffering a strike?) Nope, they will do the same if they see females or elders in the same situation. This is for basic safety reasons, to go protect citizens. After all, it is dangerous for a girl to be out alone so late at night. (Just because of you?) Nope."

I get it!!!! Of course Linda needs protection!!! She's popular and its bad for a girl to go home alone at night without stalker and paparazzi!!!!

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

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“The Jade Girl” erupted in one scene, and was recommended for TV Queen by netizens
Linda Chung, this HongKong entertainment industry’s “newbie female artiste” had always given peoplethe image that she was just a Jade Girl. Other than the symbolic ‘teh’, weakand refined voice, that causes one to remember her rumours regarding herrelationship with Raymond Lam, and even then she only stood by Raymond’s side,smiling sweetly like a good girl, happy to be an accompaniment. However, in therecent airing of the drama , Linda moved the word inthe final episode’s “Miss Cool”, and her emotional scene with her crying madeothers change their negative views towards her. Netizens also recommended herfor the role of TV Queen, causing quite an uproar.

Important Word toNote: Breakthrough
Obtaining the title ofTV Queen is fated, I am not anxious about it

Yangcheng Wanbao: Thecharacter you portrayed, Miss Cool, in was very well received bythe public, and the viewers even want to recommend you for the role of TVQueen. Do you have confidence to get this title?

Linda: I am reallyvery happy! (laughs) But I never thought of getting TV Queen, if I could getthe “My Favourite TV Character” award I would already be very happy. As to TVQueen, I would have to leave it to fate. Furthermore, it is only June, andthere is a long time to go before the Awards, I think there is no need to beanxious.

Yangcheng Wanbao: “TVPioneer” Charmaine Sheh will begin to change her contract with TVB. As to beingone of the “Four New Best Fadans”, will you make “the top actress” your newgoal?

Linda: Recently, therewere really many reports comparing Kate Tsui, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen and myself,I think these are just promotional tactics. As to myself, I would mostdefinitely have such hopes for myself, and I hope that I could get more peopleto approve of this. This time, I feel that my performance has been a goodaccount to viewers.

Yangcheng Wanbao:Having been in the industry for 7 years, do you feel that it is time for abreakthrough?

Linda: Actually Idon’t feel that I have been in the industry for 7 years. My seniors say, after7 years one would be enlightened, but for acting skills to mature, 10 years isrequired. I personally have not reached the point where I can control mycharacter, a lot of the time it is my character controlling me, so I feel thatI am still in the learning stage. Filming is something I really like, and tome, it is not just a way of earning money, but this job brings me muchsatisfaction, such as the fact that my characters can become role models forchildren and youth. Because most of the characters I have acted as were JadeGirls, or strong personalities because of numerous experiences, many parentshave told me that my characters have caused their children to become more goodin nature.

Yangcheng Wanbao: From to , you have been filming many comedies in arow, would you consider leaning towards this area for future development?

Linda: I would notlimit myself in the path that I am to take, I would like to try everythingfirst. However, the ‘sexy look’ would definitely be something that I cannotpull off. (laughs) I do not like exposing too much, even if it is only thethought of being sexy would not cultivate the right feel.

Yangcheng Wanbao: Inthe drama you are currently filming, , what roleare you playing?

Linda: A pioneer dancer.Upon receiving this role, I was still quite anxious, because dancing is not mygreatest strength, but I will put in my best effort to act out this character.

Yangcheng Wanbao: Youhave had quite a few tries in the area of music, do you prefer singing oracting?

Linda: I like singing,because singers can express their own personality and feelings. When I amsinging, I would maintain a very clean and pure image, and be myself.Currently, there are very few girls with this type of image, I feel that I cantake this chance to dominate the market, haha!

Important Word toNote: Harsh Training
When I first enteredthe industry, it was tough and I cried everyday

Yangcheng Wanbao: Haveyou had any performance inclination since young?

Linda: Actually when Iwas young, I was a very typical girl. Graduating from high school at the age of17, I was waiting to enter university. In those two months, I had reallynothing better to do and when I was shopping, I saw an advertisement for abeauty pageant and my sister helped me get an application form and signed meup. Initially, I thought that I would finish my studies and go out to teach, Inever thought of being an actress. In Canada, I was a very introverted younggirl, but whenever I went on stage to perform, I would instantly change into areally confident person. When I first signed a contract with TVB, I was quiteuncertain and it took me a lot of persuading to convince my parents to allow meto try out for two years. If I couldn’t make it, I would then go back to Canadato work or get married, who knew that one shot would carry me through al these7 years.

Yangcheng Wanbao: Whenyou first came to Hong Kong alone, without any acting experience whatsoever,that was difficult, huh?

Linda: The first dramaI filmed was , and all the other actors wereexperienced ones, like Nancy Sit, Louis Yuen, and Kingdom Yuen. Although thatwas a comedy, I was unable to relax, and simply too nervous, when I didn’tlaugh I appeared so serious, everyone around me felt that I was composed andcalm, but my heart was pounding so hard in my chest. Then, I acted the mostpartner films with Steven Ma, and he said that I had the potential, but I wonderedif he said the same to every newcomer. (laughs) During the toughest period, Icried every day. After 3 years from entering the industry, I rarely talked toother actors or others in my company, buying food and eating alone. Later, Islowly let myself go, and made a few good friends such as Shirley Yeung, TaviaYeung and Leanne Li, confiding in each other, and helping me become happier.

Yangcheng Wanbao: Havingacted so many characters, which one do you like the most?

Linda: I like too many of them, I am a verygreedy person! ’s Sheung Joi Sum, , , ,, and another ,unfortunately this series never aired.

Yangcheng Wanbao: There is a great disparityamong the characters of your favourite roles, are you a person that loves challenges?

Linda: I don’t know. I want to try differentthings, but sometimes in the midst of challenge I would feel very nervous. Therewas one period of time in which I was continuously acting as a “Super GoodGirl”. Many scenes would need me to cry, making me almost faint with the effortof crying! Then, I really wished for a different character. I need tocontinually accept different characters, before I can progress!

Important Word to Note: Good Good Girl
I am naïve, but I rarely ever get bullied

Yangcheng Wanbao: There was a time in whichyou became the spokesperson of the “Good Girl” image, were you afraid that theimage might stick at that time?

Linda: Linda Chung’s image is “Jade Girl”! Beit in real life or in my work, this is my true personality. Maybe this way, theimage might have been too firmly set in the public’s mind, so people might feelthat I am doing the same thing over and over again, but these few years, I haveactually tried many different roles, such as the wayward girl in
, ’s old woman, the rebelliousgirl in , the stupid but pretty model in , and ’s cool teacher Miss Cool, butthe audience still feel that I am a ‘Good Girl’.

Yangcheng Wanbao: In the entertainmentindustry, isn’t it difficult to be a Jade Girl?

Linda: There were reports saying that I wason bad terms with some of my colleagues, and there were also rumours that werecompletely untrue. I feel that I am very fortunate, I do not become the subjectof such publications very often. I do not feel that it is too difficult to be a‘good good girl’, maybe this could be something to do with my familybackground. I did not come from a very wealthy family, and my parents taught mefrom young to be upright, and showered me with love. Having entered the industry,I do not feel that I have turned bad. Other than work, I do not care at allabout the other things.

Yangcheng Wanbao: Wouldn’t this innocentpersonality of yours be really easy to manipulate or bully?

Linda: Actually this personality would resultin two possible effects—you are too pure, and become easy to bully, or peoplecould not bear to bully you, and instead be even nicer to you. I am very rarelybullied. Innocence is not equivalent to stupidity, and I think things to be abit more simple than normal, but would try my best to behave professionally inmy workplace, and others would have no chance to knock me down.

Yangcheng Wanbao: You have really never hadany incidents of suffering grievances?

Linda: Everyone has unhappy experiences, andI had such incidences when I first entered the entertainment circle. During thattime, there were many notices, but those that were arranged to start work theearliest and knock off work the latest entirely did not have time to sleep. Iwas also misunderstood to be “acting stupid” before, and at that time I wasreally hurt. But these things only happened once or twice, so I am verygrateful.

Important Word to Note: Relationships
I am not a ‘small woman’, I am a ‘middlewoman’

Yangcheng Wanbao: Your career has takenflight, what about your hopes for relationships?

Linda: I place much emphasis on myrelationships, I must be friends with that person for two years before I couldconsider dating him, and once I start dating him I would already be thinking ofmarriage. Although I really do want to date, and hope to get married and havechildren, this cannot be rushed and I think I would leave it to Mother Natureto decide.

Yangcheng Wanbao: Having been in theentertainment circle for so long, you have not had feelings towards anyone?

Linda: I would hide it even if I did havefeelings for someone, and I would not tell anyone about these things. When itcomes to relationships, I always deal with things in a very low-profiled way.(laughs)

Yangcheng Wanbao: If you date, would youchoose to develop the relationship in the ‘underground relationship’ way?

Linda: This is a matter of time, when bothparties feel that it is time, the members of the public will know.

Yangcheng Wanbao: In the face ofrelationships and work, how would you make a decision?

Linda: I have a ‘little woman’ side, but Icould not say that I am entirely one, I should be considered a ‘middlewoman’—when I am in my late tens or early twenties, my career definitely comesfirst, but after that family is important as well. If I meet someone I lovevery deeply, I would surely choose family.

Yangcheng Wanbao: What is your idea of anideal better half?

Linda: The most important would be that he ispractical, compassionate and good to his family members, and could give me asense of security. He must be willing to start a family, and cannot be goingaround with a playboy attitude. As to appearance, this is completely notimportant, as long as he looks good to me. I will also not consider his wealth.

Reporter’s Impression

Each time there is a promotional event, LindaChung is not a hot spot for mass interviewing, but each time she definitelygives one the feeling of familiarity and warmth, she will not be false or try tocatch media attention, but will answer according to the questions posed to her,and makes people feel good towards her. This telephone interview was done whileLinda was attending the Blessing Ceremony for ,during the break. On the phone, Linda was busy preparing by setting her hair,putting on makeup, but she still seriously and conscientiously answered eachand every question. Although her Chinese is not good, she still tried to forceout words of Mandarin here and there, and was really cute. As she said herself,naïveté is not equivalent to stupidity, and in this really colourful entertainmentcircle, maintaining a innocent and pure heart is not easy at all, how could shebe a stupid woman?

Column Captions
Innocent Girl vs. Bad Girl

3 years into enteringthe industry, Linda Chung had the chance to take part in the large-scaleproduction . In the drama, she acted as a “Good Girl”,Sheung Joi Sum, who was loved by many people. She and Raymond Lam acted aspartners in the drama, and in the process many rumours were started regardingtheir relationship.

Linda acted as a “WetGirl in Mongkok” (wayward female youth) Sze Ka-ka, and her character progressedfrom a bad girl lacking the warmth of family relationships, to a positiveone. In the drama, Linda even had fighting and pregnancy scenes, and thefilming was quite much of a challenge.

This drama was anotherof Linda’s breakthroughs, her character as “Ho Choi Mui” (meaning lucky girl)had a great range of ages to act. She had to act as a youth in her late tens toa 70+ year-old woman. Although she sacrificed her image for the production, thecharacter helped Linda to attract many younger fans.

Linda acted as a“Pretty Model” Zhong Tak-yi, and had many cute ‘gwing’ facial expressionsduring the show, and the muddle-headed, silly acting brought great comicrelief.

Linda acted as acool-on-the-outside, warm-on-the-inside female teacher Miss Cool (extremeright), and was cheated of her feelings by a police officer (Moses Chan). Thischaracter that experienced such a depth of emotional trauma caused many viewersto adopt an approving stance towards Linda, and she finally managed to drop the“vase” image.

Translated by ibellchu@Linda Cottage

Cancels Outdoor Filming Spots to Prevent Artistes from Getting Heatstroke

On hot summer days, having to shoot outdoor scenes under the scorching sun could be said to be a great test of an artiste’s physical abilities. Thus, , a dance-themed olden-age drama starring Linda Chung, Myolie Wu and Bobby Auyeung, initially had many large-scaled scenes of singing and dancing in the outdoors, but due to concerns that the artistes may be unable to bear the physical strain, a decision was made to move the scenes to air-conditioned places for filming. Producer Nelson Cheung comments, “The majority of the scenes include dancing and kung-fu, requiring a lot of physical effort from the artistes, so we do not want the artistes to get heatstroke. Furthermore, the female artistes are already so hot from standing in the outdoors that their makeup all melts, so moving the scenes indoors is the best decision to make.”

Linda Chung and Myolie Wu strongly approve of this cancellation of outdoor filming. Linda says, “Of course it’s a good thing, before, when filming outdoor scenes, I once nearly fainted from filming in the hills, at first when I saw in the script and knew that I had to dance in the outdoors, I was really worried.” As to Myolie, she expressed that olden-age series’ costumes are extremely thick, it is already very hot to be wearing the clothes, “Normally, I eat very light foods, but in order to handle the large amount of dancing this time, I have eaten much more foods with starch in order to replenish my energy.”

Evergreen Mak’s greedy expression, causing Myolie Wu, Linda Chung and other female artistes to be unable to keep from laughing.
Having to wear olden-age costumes to shoot outdoor scenes is very tiring, so upon knowing that the outdoor scenes would be cancelled, Stephen Wong, Bobby Auyeung, Samuel Kwok, Grace Wong and Kelvin Leung all expressed approval. The ravenous-looking Lee Yee Man’s tries to swallow Angela Tong’s fist? Angela previously acted as the ugly woman, “Lei Siu Ho” and was well-received by the audience. The young girl hopes that she would do even better than her senior, of course!

Credits: Linda Garden Weibo
Translated by ibellchu@Linda Cottage

Linda Chung: I want to see sunshine

Bosco Wong, Vincent Wong, Yoyo Chen and Myolie Wu were all secretly photographed by tabloid magazines Sudden Weekly and FACE in their own homes. Bosco and Vincent were both captured nude. Though TVB have already issued a statement expressing that they are shutting out the two magazines and prohibit them from entering TVB City, but many artists still felt this only treated the symptoms of the problem and not the root cause, not very effective.

It was understood that because TVB saw the whole industry shaking over this incident, yesterday TVB takes it up a notch and decides to have the four victims Bosco, Myolie, Yoyo and Vincent head over to the Hong Kong’s Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD) on June 27th to file a complaint.

To fight for the privacy of artists

Yesterday reporters contacted TVB Department of Foreign Affairs Deputy Director (Tsang Sing Ming) to clarify. He admitted that TVB has decided to take this action, he said: “TVB considered the victims’ feelings, so made arrangements for them to file a complaint with the PCPD. TVB will also completely support them.” Asked if there will be a TVB executive that will accompany them? Mr. Tsang expressed he does not know yet, a meeting will still have to take place to discuss the details.

Yesterday when ‘nude photo incident’ victim Bosco Wong heard of TVB’s arrangements, he expressed it is also his personal wish. He said: “We hope to unite together and pass on the incident to the professionals to handle, and hope that the related department in the government can face the issue squarely. This action is not to investigate into the incident, but we just hope that all artists can have their privacy. Actually when the media takes these types of pictures, can they really publish them, how will it be handled?”

As for rumored girlfriend Myolie Wu, she expressed she supports TVB’s action. Asked if she already made time on her schedule to participate? She said “I am currently working every day, but no matter what, I will coordinate with my company completely. After all, whatever TVB wants us to do, I will accommodate.” Asked if the secret photo incident left a shadow on her? She said without hesitation: “Yeah, at my own house I will definitely keep the curtains down. I live with my sister, so I have to remind her to do the same. Girls should always be more careful.”

Yesterday Yoyo Chen accepted an interview and frankly expressed she still feels the after-effects from the incident. She said: “Sometimes, I feel very nervous. I already don’t dare to open the curtains, but even if the curtains are down, I still have a scar inside of me. I’m very scared.” She expressed the best practice in dealing with some magazines is legislation, she said: “The government should take action, don’t let some media believe that there are no laws. If they do it again and there aren’t any laws to control, whatever we do is useless. It’s not just us, it is all artists that hope to have protection.”

Her boyfriend Vincent Wong expressed the incident is left for TVB to arrange, he said: “The report really made me unhappy, disturbed. As an artist, I understand reporters’ duties, but they cannot go over the limit. In short, whatever action TVB has, I will completely coordinate with them.”

Linda Chung: I want to see sunshine

Linda said: “Good! Secretly photographing into someone’s house is truly wrong. The home is private property, every person have their own lifestyle. I am personally scared of getting secretly photographed at home too, and have always kept the blinds down, but if I see it’s a good day or if my family came to HK from overseas, I do hope to pull up the blinds and see the sunshine. So, I really hope the government can protect the privacy for us artists. If TVB has any other arrangements, I will support them.”

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Linda Chung urges HK government to legislate to protect artists’ privacies

TVB sent (Bosco Wong, Vincent Wong, Myolie Wu, and YoYo Chen) who are victims of privacy violation (home photos) to file their complaints at the PCPC (Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data). Linda Chung said, “This is a good thing. Taking photos through the windows into people’s houses are really unethical. A home should be a free place and everyone have his or her own living habit. I am afraid to be taken photos inside my home, so I always put the curtain
down. This incidence makes be even more worry about my privacy. I hope the government can legislate to protect the privacy of artists. If TVB appoints me, I would support this idea.”

On the other hand, Anthony Wong Chau sang thought that it’s not a practical solution to report to PCPC. Anthony said, “It’s useless. My son was taken a photo by a tabloid magazine last year. I got my lawyer to report it to the PCPC. However, PCPC said the photo was already published so it was not private anymore and denied the complaint.”

Charmaine Sheh said, “I support TVB for its’ action because the privacy violation (home photos) of this incidence has gone too far, which seriously violates their privacies. I hope the media would respect the artists. It’s about time for the government to act on this problem of privacy violation as it is a bad social influence. It may also affect the next generation if the problem persists.”

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Steven Ma Becoming Spiderman And Going Rock Climbing

Steven Ma and Linda Chung are set to work together again at the end of July, in producer Mui Siu Ching's new drama (modern). Steven Ma said, 'This is the 5th time I have worked with Linda Chung. Mui Siu Ching has especially made a character for me. He is someone with a character and loves to play badminton.' Recently Steven has been taking a break, and even visited Taiwan for a few days. Steven said, 'I went to Taipei, Port of Keelung, and Itu Apa Island (I think). The Itu Apa Island was really beautiful. There were loads of rocks there- I pretended to be Spiderman, climbing on the big rocks, having a great and happy time.'

Translated by jammy @lindacottage

Philip Ng Denies Dating Linda Chung

Last night, Philip Ng was invited to the inaugural airing ceremony of . In response to rumoured girlfriend Linda Chung's commended acting skills, Philip Ng congratulated Linda. When asked if they were dating, he said, "Whether we are on good terms with each other, or whether we are dating or not, privacy please." (Are you afraid to be preventing Linda's courters from doing so?) It doesn't matter, as friends I would not obstruct them."

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Tvb First Line Artists Absent From Early Sales Presentation 'tvb Power' Event

Wayne Lai, Kevin Cheng, Roger Kwok, Aimee Chan, Ron Ng, Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Kate Tsui, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Sharon Chan and many other artists attended the TVB POWER SKY FLY event at SKY100. However the first line TVB Siu Sang and FaDans including Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan and Sheren Tang did not attend. Nearly 200 advertiser representatives attended. At the event, besides setting up vendor booths and playing games, TVB also promoted the two grand production series 36 Hours On Call and Triumph in the Skies II to the vendors that will start shooting soon.

Initially the event was suppose to send out Kevin Cheng with his two ex-rumored girlfriends Charmaine Sheh and Niki Chow together for the first time and the other 'ex-lover' group Moses Chan, Aimee Chan and Bernice Liu. Unfortunately, Charmaine did not have room in her schedule, Niki's flight back to HK was delayed and Moses is in Brazil to shoot a special.

Niki absent on short notice

In fact, Charmaine's name was already not on the early list of attendees. On the other hand, Niki was the one who didn't appear on short notice. When Kevin was interviewed, he appeared relieved: "Really? I don't know. (Afraid of you?) I'm not answering you, I didn't even know she (Niki) was going to come, I just know that I was coming. (Off the hook?) No, why do you think that? I won't feel awkward because we always bump into each other, but even if we're not at events, we still greet one another. (You initiated it?) Gentlemen should have the basic manners. (Does she have a reaction?) She greets me too. (Does she smirk at you?) In my impression it's not like that. Greetings are very normal." As for a group photo, Kevin said he will not deliberately do it, but when at the same event, he will not decline.

TVB executive Virgina Lok stressed that the artists attending this time are not weak, there are enough talented artists. She said: "We already have Roger and Wayne, it's not because Moses is not here that it won't be enough." Virgina said Moses is in Brazil working and Raymond Lam is at the Shanghai TV and Film Festival. Liza Wang participated in the China national conference and Sheren Tang is in Mainland shooting a series. Niki was also suppose to attend? Virgina said: "She just got off the flight. Even if her flight wasn't delayed, she still probably won't be out of the gate until 1pm. I have already been notified by her manager that she can't make it. (Why didn't Charmaine appear?) We contracted all artists, perhaps she didn't have time on her schedule, TVB have already stopped outdoor filming, just had studio filming."

Raymond's cousin (Lin Xia Wei) just entered TVB and participates in her first TVB event. She frankly said she is very happy and said her cousin Raymond has work and cannot attend. When speaking of her joining TVB, was it because of her family relation to Raymond? She said: "No, that just what the reports say. I am a newcomer, I hope to learn from my seniors. (Will you shoot series with Raymond?) I definitely don't mind."

Aimee praises boyfriend Moses is funny

Aimee Chan was unable to attend the event with Moses and Bernice, but have officially been on her first date with Moses. She praises she knows about her rumored boyfriend's whereabouts, that he's in Brazil shooting for a special. When speaking of their first date, Aimee frankly said: "Happy, pretty comfortable. (How is your impression on him?) He is a very happy and funny person. (Can he please you?) I don't know, have to go on a few more dinners with him before I find out. (What's your score for him?) No, can't just give a score after that one time. After all, it feels very nervous on the first time, very good impression though."

Translated by: aZnangel @

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TVB Power

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Linda's New Photoshot P-2


Linda's new photoshot PART 2!!!!!!

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Linda's New Photoshot P-1

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Lindas new photoshot PART 1!!!!!!!!

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Yes! Magazine PHOTOSHOT

Linda's YES! Magazine photoshot!!!!!!!

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Linda Chung - Call You When Not Busy

If you like this song please support Linda's new album " My Private Selection"

@ Penang Auto City 28 May 2011 9PM

Raymond Lam rumoured to be courting Linda Chung

TVB actors Raymond Lam and Linda Chung were thought to be the perfect on-screen couple. And now, it is rumoured that Raymond is hoping to take the reel romance to real life.

The actors first paired up in Heart of Greed. Constant rumours surrounded the duo with talk that Raymond had tried to court Linda until he gave up when she began dating martial arts actor Philip Ng.

Raymond's 'Prince Charming' image was tarnished recently when ex-lover and Chinese model Pan Shuang Shuang revealed intimate pictures of them in bed after the latter failed to make him marry her.

Linda, on the other hand, enjoyed compliments from viewers and netizens after the latest episode of TVB drama Yes Sir, Sorry Sir featuring a crying scene was aired. Fans even suggested that Linda should be crowned Best Actress next year.

In a bid to rescue his image, it was rumoured that Raymond wanted to court Linda, due to the latter's newfound fame.

According to an insider, Raymond began calling Linda frequently after he noticed the surge in the actress's popularity.

"Raymond even sent Linda a text message, 'Your acting was great!' after the viewers praised her for her acting in the crying scene. Raymond rarely kept contact with Linda after he started dating Shuang Shuang. When he suddenly became friendly, Linda ignored him," the insider said.

Commenting on the supposed text message, Linda replied, "I never received his text! However, dating requires feelings and now, we're all just friends."

Reporters then probed if she would get back with Raymond. The pair was rumoured to be dating with each other after co-starring in Heart of Greed.

The actress emphasised that they are just friends and added that "even if we dated, we also have to spend some time with each other before knowing if we're compatible".

When asked the same question, Raymond merely smiled but did not comment.

Credits: xin.msn
credits mv_288@asianfanatics

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Slim Beauty Function


Linda Chung & Rose Chan said to look alike, encounters for first time

Raymond Lam's two rumored girlfriends Linda Chung and Rose Chan were said to have similar looks. Yesterday the two encounter one another at beauty salon opening ceremony. It was seen that Linda and Rose were very generous on stage and chatted happily. Linda laughed: "I haven't seen Rose before, but I know people say she looks like me. I don't really feel so though, most important is that I personally have my own feeling. (She's also rumored with Raymond Lam?) Just a coincidence, and I want to talk to her. I feel she's a very sweet and tall girl." When speaking of not having to appear sexy for the beauty salon endorsement, Linda said: "Because the boss loves me very much, it's not my own request. Actually the boss feels that I have a healthy image. (Will the next season Ads be in a bikini?) The most important is healthy results, doesn't matter if its bikini. I lived in Canada before and is considered a Western girl, so the outcome results are pretty, I don't mind. (Will you it be money-based?) My manager decides that, I don't understand these things, I am just responsible for bringing myself out." Roses also felt she doesn't look like Linda. She said: "People have always said that, but I personally don't think so. (Does Raymond think so?) You have to ask him, I don't keep in touch with him. However, I really admire Linda, before I watched her performance as Seung Joi Sum (Heart of Greed), her acting was so real, she cried beautifully. I have to watch more of her work. (Feel awkward being at the same event?) No, not awkward with anyone."

Translated by: aZnangel @

Philip Ng and Linda Chung's Relationship Remains at Status Quo

As Wong Jin's movie would be released in cinemas on the 23rd of June (next month), Wong Jin and Philip Ng (casted as Ying Zhao Wong) were at Tsim Sha Tsui to attend a promotional event yesterday, and gave out dumplings for Dragon Boat Festival to the residents early. Formerly, Poon Shung Shung was supposed to have a role in this movie and was scheduled to fly to Hong Kong for filming, but because she has appendicitis and required admittance into hospital for surgery, she was unable to take part. When Wong Jin was asked if he called her (via phone), he responded, "No I did not, because we contacted her only via the company, and do not have any personal contact with one another."

Recently, Linda Chung was rumoured to want to dominate the entertainment scene, and thus rumours were spread about her and Philip Ng. Yesterday, when asked about their relationship, Philip only said that it was as per normal. When asked if their relationship was stable, he said, "Anyway it is as it was before." Wong Jin, who was standing nearby, saw Philip being barracked by reporters, and instantly responded with "I recently signed a contract with him, this year he will be very busy filming movies." (So does that mean you do not allow him to date anyone?) "No." When Philip was asked if he thought his boss was okay with him dating, he changed the topic, saying "I am not stressed out because I signed a contract with Wong Jin." When Wong Jin was asked if he would look for Linda Chung to partner Philip Ng in the movie(s), Wong Jin answered, "If it is in a suitable context, I would be okay with it."

On the topic of Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung facing objections when getting married, his good friend Philip Ng said when asked if he called Nicholas Tse, "We do contact each other via telephone, but we only talk about martial arts, and nothing else." (Did you find that he was acting in any way out of the ordinary?) "No."

Translated by ibellchu@lindacottage

Moses Chan Refuses To Be 'cheap Man', Never Cheated In A Relationship

Moses Chan had always been labeled as the 'super deal' in the industry, but because of the recent TVB series Yes Sir, Sorry Sir, he gets named 'cheap man of the century'. In the series, he plays an undercover cop that cheats Linda Chung's love due to his investigation. Netizens were displeased by this and scolded that he's a 'cheap man'. Earlier Moses and Yes Sir's lead actress Tavia Yeung attended an Audi sports car event. Moses laughed and sighed: "I have never cheated a relationship with a girl, never in real life or acting. This proves the series is popular, audience are too into the series, but after the finale, I believe people won't yell at me anymore and know how good I am."

Asked if he gets scolded by Housewives (See Lai) when he's out on the streets? Tavia who was standing besides him threw stones on the down Moses, and said he gets eggs thrown at him. Moses said: "Choi! Touch wood!" Later, Tavia helped him out: "We are a bitter couple, very miserable!" He expressed after the audience watches the finale, they will see a new light in Moses Chan. The other night, Yes Sir finale was broadcast, the love between Moses and Tavia finally found a way, but that was not made clear.

When speaking of Linda Chung's role as Miss Koo being favored by audience, her 'fame by one cry' gets her an opportunity to seize TV Queen. Towards this, Tavia was asked if she felt Linda stole the limelight? Tavia did not feel so and supported Linda for TV Queen. Moses helped out too: "I want them both to get TV Queen!"

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Linda Chung's 'break down in tears' scene gets her up to TV Queen competition; Netizens want to 'kill' Moses Chan

All along, Linda Chung has been seen to have average acting, and could not stand firm as the first line FaDan. However, in her performance in TVB series Yes Sir, Sorry Sir as Miss Koo, her acting makes a breakthrough. The episode (27) broadcast the day before was about Linda finding out that Law Sir (Moses Chan) was an undercover. She broke down in tears when she found out the truth and smacked her handbag on the 'scum' Moses. This scene caught the attention of many Netizens, greatly praising her outstanding acting. They even supported her to challenge Charmaine Sheh in getting TV Queen this year.

The night before on discussion forums, Facebook and, Netizens were leaving messages to boost Linda's momentum. On TVB's official website, Yes Sir got 1.1 million hits. Some Netizens expressed that after watching Miss Koo's break down in tears, even the men teared up because of her. As for Moses Chan, who has been considered the 'best deal' in the industry turned into a 'scum' because of his cheating role. Netizens crowned him as the new generation 'cheap man'. Someone even wanted to kill 'cheap man' Moses.

Yesterday Linda accepted an interview over the phone and expressed she has noticed the comments online, but she never thought the responses would be that good. Whens speaking of the crying scene, was it difficult for her? She said because she had enough time to do her homework to get into character and had Moses' lead into the character, she was successful in just two takes! Linda said that she never thought of getting TV Queen: "I really haven't thought of it, in fact I really want to get 'My Favorite Female Character' award. With the success of this role, my self-confidence really is stronger!" As she is in Malaysia for work, she probably won't be able to watch the finale with the rest of the cast. Linda felt that if everyone thinks Moses is a 'cheap man', then that proves his acting was a success.

Moses Chan says "Touch Wood"

Towards being labeled as 'cheap man' and Netizens wanting to 'kill' him, Moses said: "Choi! Touch Wood, it's just acting! In the beginning, I did discuss the role with the Producer, he said that there will be a place for me to prove that my cheating was forced by circumstances. Only then did I accepted the role. I'm not worried." Queenie Chu who plays Linda's older sister in the series was also touched by Linda's crying, she said: "I cried, heart breaking!"

Cilla Kung plays a student in the series and too praised Linda's acting as outstanding, she strongly supports her to be crowned TV Queen: "I feel this is a very good breakthrough, at first she was very cool and then when she's in a relationship, she gets really sweet. Last night, my whole family was very into watching her hysterical scene. I was even crying too!" Also, TVB and the Broadcasting Authority received 2 complaints on Yes Sir bringing the bad message of cheating relationships, which is not suitable to be broadcast at that time slot.

Miss Koo meets Kenneth Ma (Source: Mingpao)