Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Linda Chung urges HK government to legislate to protect artists’ privacies

TVB sent (Bosco Wong, Vincent Wong, Myolie Wu, and YoYo Chen) who are victims of privacy violation (home photos) to file their complaints at the PCPC (Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data). Linda Chung said, “This is a good thing. Taking photos through the windows into people’s houses are really unethical. A home should be a free place and everyone have his or her own living habit. I am afraid to be taken photos inside my home, so I always put the curtain
down. This incidence makes be even more worry about my privacy. I hope the government can legislate to protect the privacy of artists. If TVB appoints me, I would support this idea.”

On the other hand, Anthony Wong Chau sang thought that it’s not a practical solution to report to PCPC. Anthony said, “It’s useless. My son was taken a photo by a tabloid magazine last year. I got my lawyer to report it to the PCPC. However, PCPC said the photo was already published so it was not private anymore and denied the complaint.”

Charmaine Sheh said, “I support TVB for its’ action because the privacy violation (home photos) of this incidence has gone too far, which seriously violates their privacies. I hope the media would respect the artists. It’s about time for the government to act on this problem of privacy violation as it is a bad social influence. It may also affect the next generation if the problem persists.”

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