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StarHub TVB 2011

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Linda Chung Cannot Forget Helping Mum Pluck White Hairs

Since the Miss Chinese International beauty pageant and entering the entertainment industry, Linda Chung has been keeping a healthy image and the Jade Girl look. She loves her parents and family a lot, and because she works in Hong Kong, she misses her mother the most. On the eve of Mother's Day, Linda personally wrote a letter to her mother as a Mother's Day gift.

"Dear Mum:
I am writing this letter to you on the 18th of April, in the afternoon. I have many troubles that I would love to share with you. First, I really really love you, and you are often in my heart; each day you appear in my mind so often. I remember when I was young, I would help you pluck your white hairs each week, and seeing the number of white hairs on your head increase, I would feel very afraid, because this symbolizes your growing in age. Today, your hair is almost all white already, and you have to depend on dying your hair to turn it black again. I can no longer help you pluck your white hairs anymore, and I feel sad and cannot let go of those memories."

Dear Mum's White Hair Makes Linda's Heart Ache
"Mum, before I only knew how to worry. But now, as I grow older, I conversely have another opinion as to your white hair. I feel that white hair symbolizes a person's wisdom and experience in life. I am very thankful for your wisdom, experience and concern, and you made me understand the most important things in life: love, family, good health, and happiness.
Leaving you, dad, elder bro, and elder sis to work in Hong Kong alone makes me understand how much I love you all, and I miss you all greatly. Thank you all for all those years of care and concern, and education; everything that helped me to grow up and learn how to love others.
Dad, Mum, your little girl has grown up now; now it is time for me to take care of you guys in return. You all don't need to worry about me any longer, I will always wait by your sides. In this world, you guys are the people that I love the most, and I believe that we will be able to meet again soon. you a Happy Mother's Day, and good health. I will love you forever!
Mum, Mother's Day is nearly here. I wish

From your dear daughter, Little Linda."

Translated by ibellchu@lindacottage

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Moses Chan Will Make Linda Chung & Tavia Yeung Wear Bikinis For High Ratings

Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung and Linda Chung were promoting for Yes Sir Sorry Sir yesterday and it was announced that the series ratings peaked at 33 points. Moses declared if the ratings get even better, he will personally make coffee and make arrangements for Linda and Tavia to greet everyone in bikinis. Asked if he'll appear in swim trunks? Moses made an excuse: "If I wear swim trunks, I will have something wrapped around before I come out. Wearing swim trunks, let Ron Ng do that!" Moses frankly said that he's busy with work lately, and has not made any progress on pursuing girls (Aimee Chan). Asked if he'll publicly express his love? Moses said: "I hope to keep it low-profile. (Marriage?) I will consider."

Linda was very happy that her role as Miss Koo is getting good response and is getting followed day and night by paparazzi. She said: "In the last 3 years, I usually play the obedient girl roles, this time it is a change. In the series, my 'Love Hugs' has become a symbol."

It was said that Taiwanese artist Guo Shuyao also has the 'Love Hugs', Linda said: "Can just play, men and women it doesn't matter." Tavia hopes the series finale will reach 39 points and peak at 4 points. She laughed: "If my goal is reached, then I will treat Moses to a coffee feast, I'll be responsible for coffee and all the food. However, I cannot sleep after drinking coffee, so I hope the coffee feast can be held in the afternoon.

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily (images)
Translated by: aZnangel @

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My Private Selection


TVB Rating Reports (02/05/2011-08/05/2011)

Yes, Sir. Sorry! Sir. - 點解阿Sir係阿Sir (EPS 11-15) - 30 PTS (Peaking at 33 PTS)

Relic of an Emissary - 洪武三十二 (EPS 21-24) - 27 PTS

- Many people are praising 4 veteran actors from 'Yes Sir Sorry Sir' including Chiang Chi Kwong, Law Lok Lam, Chow Chung and Joesph Lee, audience crowned them as the 'Old Four'.
- ATV claims that they have over 4 million viewers according to the research by the HKU Public Opinion Programme (POP) Phase II in April. TVB Foreign Affairs Deputy Director (Tsang Sing Ming) does not agree: "ATV has over 4 million viewers? We only have a little more than 2 million! Currently the TV and Advertisement industries agree to follow the international standards, and this is our personal aim for the results of our TV ratings. Even our popular series No Regrets only got 3 million viewers."

"yue Fu's Hidden Dragon" Costume Fitting Rate Topic:


Bobby Au Yeung, Myolie Wu, Linda Chung , Evergreen Mak and Sire Ma attended the costume fitting for Happy House, Hidden Dragon <樂府藏龍> yesterday. Former Forensic Heroes star, Bobby Au Yeung, noted that he was unable to act in Forensic Heroes 3<法證先鋒III> since he was filming in China when he received the notice. Bobby laughed that he was filming in China for interest and returned to TVB due to gratitude! However, Bobby maintained that he cannot always repay debts at TVB, otherwise he would be very tired!

Myolie Wu and Linda Chung portray dancers in Hidden House, Happy Dragon. Initially friends, Myolie and Linda later become enemies. Finally, they resolve their animosity and become friends again. To prepare for their roles, Myolie and Linda were practicing their dancing. Due to the lack of a dancing background, this will present as a new challenge for Myolie and Linda. The pair indicated that temporary actors were needed for large-scale scenes. They were unconcerned that the minimum wage disagreement would halt the filming progress and believed that the situation should be resolved shortly.

Recent tabloid rumors claimed that Ron Ng was pursuing Kate Tsui and Sire Ma at the same time, while Ron used Sire’s money. Sire complained, “They’re fabricating the news! We are just colleagues. The rumors are unfair, especially towards Ron!” (Did you give money to men?) “It’s not me!” (Did your family persuade you to leave the entertainment industry?) “We spoke about it. However, I’m in the industry because of my interest.”

Happy House, Hidden Dragon is produced by Cheung Kin Man. Additional cast members include: Yoyo Chen, Angela Tong, Oscar Leung, William Chak, Grace Wong, Cheung Kwok Keung, Jess Shum, JJ Jia, Steven Wong, Kwok Fung, Ha Ping, Ching Ho Wai, Chan Man Na, Leung Kin Ping, and Leung Ching Ka.

Charmaine Sheh's Views On Her Five Successors

After my departure, who will be the successor of number one sister? Wow! How can I dare to accept this? We are all equal! From what I can see, a popular fa dan most importantly must be able to be in ancient and in modern. There are a few who are very good. Tavia Yeung can be both good and evil, and can also be in ancient and in modern. Fala Chen has much affinity with the audience; she is already ahead. Although I never worked with Kate Tsui before, but know that that she is a very clever girl, and is also very diverse. Linda Chung is the humble beauty a positive feeling in every aspect, and also much affinity with the audience. Myolie Wu is extremely hardworking...continually upgrading herself and striving for change. He he...they all have their strengths. It's a tight race. I also want to know who will come out on top!"

Raymond Lam Supported For Jsg Mandarin Song Award To Make Up For 'mavis Injury' Sacrifices Leo Ku

The JSG Selections 2011 Round 1 awards ceremony is held tonight. [Oriental Daily] received news that there are 14 songs that won an award. It's a hot battle for the 'Mandarin Song Award between TVB biological son Raymond Lam and EEG's big brother Leo Ku. However, it was said that because TVB wanted to comfort Raymond from the 'Mavis injury', they sacrificed Leo and he could leave disappointed at any time.

As for the 'Most Popular Mandarin Song Award', the hottest picks are Raymond Lam, Miriam Yeung and Leo Ku. It's a competition between Raymond and Leo since a mountain cannot have two tigers. TVB is also having a headache, it was said that TVB couldn't bear to let Raymond get hurt by Mavis Pan, so there is a high chance that his Let Me Love You For An Hour (讓我愛你一小時) will get the award. EEG is also not discouraged, putting all their effort into supporting Leo until the end.

Also, just got back from England for her concert, Joey doesn't lose out either. Once she got back to HK, she won 'Most Popular Commercial Song Award' for the song [i]Surge. As for Miriam who is currently in Macau for a concert received nothing for 'no show'.

In the 33 songs that were made it in round one, 14 of them won awards:

C AllStar - Space Elevator (天梯)
Edmond Leung - Center (中鋒)
Joey Yung - Surge (澎湃)
Gillian Chung - Put Down the Past (放低過去)
Charlene Choi - Year After Year (年年)
Sherman Chung - Take It
Vincy Chan - Who Will Love Me (有誰有愛我)
Joyce Cheng - Half Happiness (半份關心)
Alfred Hui - Leaving (出走)
Ivana Wong - The Best... (最好的…)
Linda Chung - If You Want Me
Andy Hui - Always In Love (一直相愛)
Chilam Cheung - Love You Like Crazy (冧爆你)
Aarif Lee - Speedy Comparsion (速度對比)

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If u Want Me BTS pics

TVB Rating Reports

TVB Rating Reports (20/12/2010 - 26/12/2010)

Twilight Investigations - 囧探查過界 (EPS 16-20 END) - 27 PTS

Show Me The Happy - 依家有喜 (EPS 16-20) - 21 PTS

Links To Temptation - COMING SOON

- Low ratings resulted from many people out on vacation during the Christmas holidays.
- Twilight Investigations (TI) received 5 praises from audience. 3 were only Wong He and Linda Chung's fresh new pairing creates new sparks. 2 were on the series having new ideas, hope there will be a sequel.
- The Broadcasting Authority received 1 complaint on the characters on TI big battle of wits with ghosts, it is a bad influence on children.

Friends Opinions

Linda Chung asks good friends to give her the courage in dancing for new song

Since Linda Chung entered the music industry, she focused on slow love songs, but this time in her new song Too Busy to Look For You (得閑找你), she makes a breakthrough. This is the first time she's performing hot dancing and singing. Linda asked her good friends Leanne Li and Grace Wong to accompany her and give her the 'courage'. Early May, Linda and her friends will start shooting the MV for the new song, so the girls are actively rehearsing.

The song Too Busy to Look For You is about girls today, just wanting to be with their group of friends. Even if they don't have a love life, they can still live happily. When Linda first heard this song, she automatically thought of good friends Leanne Li and Grace Wong. She said: "It's not because they are big women, just that the song is medium fast, I know that Leanne and Grace loves to dance, so if the song can add their dances, then it will definitely be interesting."

With that said, Linda suggested the idea to her company and got immediate approval. "I deeply believe that friendship is about mutual assistance. Just one phone call to Leanne and Grace, they instantly agreed to voluntarily help me. Perhaps because we are Christians, so we never mentioned money, I'm really grateful for their help."

No fear of comparison

Linda reveals that she knows Leanne and Grace for many years, but they never had a true collaboration, this is the first time.

"In fact, to me dancing is quite tiring, especially when you have to sing and dance. It is truly a huge challenge. Luckily, I have two good friends by my side to help me get through it. Now that my company made arrangements for them to shoot the MV with me, I really do hope the next time I dance again, we can do it together."

That day during rehearsal, the two girls with a dance background, Leanne and Grace, did well on the dance routine. On the contrary, as the lead singer, Linda was rather forgetful, often forgetting her steps. She said: "Turns out that remembering dance steps is harder than memorizing lines or lyrics." Linda was asked if she's worry that her dancing might get compared? "No, friends do not mind. Also, I'm not a professional dancer, we should not use a professional eye to watch me dance."

Friends mutual support

Leanne and Grace both have a dance background, towards this volunteer dance, they both expressed for a friend they do not mind. Started dancing at age 9, Grace knows over 20 types of dance steps: "I want to thank Linda for asking me to help her, this is my first time shooting a dance MV. As a friend, it cannot be because I'm a 'dance queen' (Strictly Come Dancing winner) that I can't be a backup. When it comes to dancing, I may be able to help her, but in acting she will have to help me." As for Leanne, she expressed that friends will not talk about money. She felt that when the three of them worked together, it's a hot scene: "Dancing is one of my interests, so I did not think rehearsal was difficult at all. I hope in the future, I will have the opportunity like Linda to sing and dance. (For the dance rehearsal, less time to spend with boyfriend Wong Cho Lam?) My boyfriend needs to shoot series, he has no time to spend with me!"

TVB Rating Reports

TVB Rating Reports (18/04/2011 - 24/04/2011)

Yes, Sir. Sorry! Sir. - 點解阿Sir係阿Sir (EPS 01-05) - 27 PTS

Relic of an Emissary - 洪武三十二 (EPS 11-15) - 25 PTS

Be Home For Dinner - 誰家灶頭無煙火 (EPS 15-19) - 23 PTS

- 'Relic' received 1 complaint on the animal abuse scene.
- 'Yes Sir' received 14 complaints on the scenes that involved fighting, which is a bad influence on children.

Credit: AsianEU

Linda Chung burdened by the rumors, ditches Raymond Lam for a breakthrough

Linda Chung burdened by the rumors, ditches Raymond Lam for a breakthrough

In the entertainment circle, it is better to have news than not to have any news. Who cares if it's negative news! Perhaps this is the life in the entertainment world, but Linda Chung just happens to go the opposite direction, she believes that rumors are helpless for an artist to get up top and would even add on to the pressure. She firmly believes that true ability is the way to go. She hopes the public can just forget about her rumors with Raymond Lam, and she sets Charmaine Sheh as her goal. One day she will become the TV Queen.

(*The rest of the article is Linda speaking...)

Since I've entered the industry, I have been in many series. If you want to talk about my representative work, I would say Seung Joi Sum inHeart of Greed because that was the most popular and got the most public response. Honestly speaking, when I first entered the industry, most of my roles were the innocent and obedient girl. The opportunities to challenge my acting was not big, perhaps I didn't do too well in the acting, but I won't feel regret that my acting isn't good. Instead, I kind of like my type, I use true feelings and it's very natural. The thing about myself that I pity most is my physical status that affects my development, like when I was shooting Ghost Writer because my health wasn't good, and often had insomnia that affected my work. If I could choose, I want to play a female assassinate the most. I would wear a black outfit or red colored tight clothing, like Charlie Angels, it should be pretty fun.

Fortunate to have guidance from seniors

In fact, I feel pretty lucky. Since I've entered the industry up until now, all of the artists I worked with enlightened me. Besides the lead actors, I want to say that many of the 3rd, 4th, 5th line artists helped me a lot. I would chat with them, sometimes they may not be in the scene with me, but after they watch me on TV, they tell me the areas I could improve on.

Among the female artists, I admire Charmaine Sheh the most. She is an artist hat deserves to be respected. Before when I was in Canada, I already started watching her series, I really like her role as "Chuk Kwan Ho" (Return of the Cuckoo). I will set her as my goal, of course I hope to get TV Queen too, but I believe I still need a few more years to train myself. Charmaine also spent a long period of time before she got it, her acting is really mature.

Admires Wong He's attitude

Among the male artists, I really admire Wong He. He is very hardworking, to the producer and the entire team, he seriously captures well. In this industry, it is very necessary to have this type of person, bringing concentration to the team. Wong He helped me a lot, his acting is tremendously attentive, clearly knows how the feeling of the picture will come out. From The Gem of Life to Twilight Investigations, he gave me a different perspective. He has high expectations to the entire crew, it is a good thing, he just wants a good production. Of course can't get too over and unreasonable. If changes to the script can produce a better outcome for the series, then why not? I really admire him.

I am personally a person with a quiet personality. Work is work, I don't like to socialize nor do I know how to make relationships. Maybe my personality is a slight loss to this industry, but I treat people with a true heart. I believe the hard efforts I put into my work, people will see it.

About my personal life, I have always been low-profile. Honestly, I am rather happy, relaxed and comfortable without any news. Because if the news is too big, naturally there will be reporters following me, then I would feel more pressure and I won't be happy. I rather have no news than be someone who has negative news because I don't want the news to affect my family. I have to take my family into account, have to protect my obedient girl image, but I am just being myself. I don't like to stay out late a night or smoke, and I don't like to be in random relationships. After all, I just want to keep my family and friends low-profile as much as possible, protect them as much as I can.

Long for a touching classic song

Regarding news, many people will mention my rumors with Raymond Lam. I feel the rumors have been going on for too long. At first I thought, just let people write it however they like, as long as I know it's not true, but when the rumors went on, even the people I know started believing it. At the time, I really wanted to come out and clarify, I didn't want people to talk about me, I felt that this will really affect my work. The reports went from positive to negative. I would tell people to not ask me again, but sometimes I can't control it. I hope audience can focus more on my work and not the news.

Outside of filming, I really like to sing. Usually when I have time, I would compose songs to kill time. Although I never formally learned before, but composing music is the same as acting, don't necessarily have to had learned it before. The most important is that it has feeling. I have love singing since I was young, I can express some of the emotions I usually hide in the songs and this is a type of stress reliever. As a TV artist, it is hard to be a full time singer, but I do hope that I will have a classic song that touches people.

Healthy sex appeal, shows off long legs to smooth the eyes

Don't think that I'm tall and thin, but in fact I love to eat. Also because of work, I always have midnight snack, so my waist can easily get fat. I recently became a spokesperson for a beauty salon for the first time, really happy to have them assist me in losing weight. In my past endorsements, I had to wear rather sexy clothing, but this time I just need to be myself, as the obedient girl. The main focus is showing some legs, hope you all will like it!

TVB new series 'Yes, Sir. Sorry. Sir!' holds promotional event

TVB new series 'Yes, Sir. Sorry. Sir!' holds promotional event

Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, Queenie Chu, Law Lok Lam and the rest of the cast to TVB new series Yes, Sir. Sorry. Sir! attended the promotional event yesterday. During the event, everyone celebrated the April birthdays Linda, Moses and Queenie with a birthday cake. Right after the promotion ended, Moses arrived at the airport for take off to Jamaica where he will shoot a special there. When Moses was asked if he's worried his role in this series get criticized to have copied Stephen Chow's Fight Back to School, he frankly said that he is prepared for such criticisms. However, he is 100% sure that he used the Moses Chan acting style to portray the role to reassure everyone.

When speaking of the rumors that TVB is asking their artists who have contracts expiring to sign another 5 year contract? Moses expressed he has not heard about it, and said he still has more than a year left in his contract. He said: "We'll discuss again! (It was said, if you don't sign the contract you'll get frozen!) My profession is an artist, other things I cannot control."

As for Law Lok Lam who 'died' 5 times on the TV screen in a day, he pretended to die live on the spot. Producer Lau Ka Ho then gave him a lucky red envelope, it was an extremely funny scene.

Supports Good Buddy

Also, Ron Ng was asked about his good buddy Raymond Lam, getting hurt again. He expressed that he didn't purposely go comfort him, but if necessary he will do what he can to support him. When the news about Raymond crying was mentioned, Ron said: "Can't say anything when true feelings are revealed, the director will take that into account and won't give him scenes that are too heavy to shoot yet. Let him shoot more suspended on wires scenes, so he doesn't have to focus on that incident so much! I also hope the media can just leave him alone. (Right now it's Mavis Pan who is not letting it go?) Let it go! It's enough!" He also said that he has not encountered a bad peach blossom, and is currently not dating anyone. When speaking of shooting Shaw Brother films, he said that his schedule is lined up until next year, so at the moment, no one has approached him. Reporters mentioned that Bosco Wong may be a lead actor in one of the films, he said: "We all have been in the industry for so many years, it is about right time to go out and make a breakthrough. We have different paths, Bosco in films, Raymond focused on music and I'm focused on making money."

Linda's birthday falls in early April, she frankly said that she spent a happy and touching birthday. A friend even gave her a book on dating. Asked if she what she has learned from the book? She said: "I haven't read it yet, it's about life principles, not necessary about dating. (Has anyone confessed their love to her?) No, I'm very open, leave to fate and I hope there will be a pursuer!"

Linda want a HUSBAND

Yesterday Linda Chung attended the HTC Desire S event. When she learned that the other guest Amanda S. is going to get married soon, she went to congratulate her. Asked if Linda is also craving to get marry? She smiled and said she is currently looking for a partner and reveals her requirements: "I hope that he will have a generous and loving heart, that he will love my family and I, have desires to improve and good health! The best is for him to have the father feeling! I don't want someone who plays around." Asked about rumored boyfriend Raymond Lam's exotic clip that leaked? Linda supports him: "I haven't seen the news, but hope we don't talk about it anymore. It is unfair to Raymond, hope the incident can just end. (Are you worried you may become one of the female leads?) Huh? Not worried!

Next Magazine TV Awards 2011 Result

Next Magazine TV Awards 2011 Results

Top 10 Artists:
1. Charmaine Sheh
2. Wayne Lai
3. Sheren Tang
4. Moses Chan
5. Tavia Yeung
6. Linda Chung
7. Bosco Wong
8. Raymond Lam
9. Fala Chen
10. Natalie Tong

Top 10 TV Programmes
1. Can't Buy Me Love
2. No Regrets
3. The Mysteries of Love
4. The Rippling Blossom
5. Kitchen Diva Louisa
6. A Fistful of Stances
7. Beauty Knows No Pain
8. Fun With Liza and Gods
9. Men of Justice
10. Ghost Writer

Best Career Outlook Award (Male Artist): Him Law
Best Career Outlook Award (Female Artist): Sire Ma

Commercial Awards
Dr.Bauer Heaven Level and Beauty Award: Elena Kong
Ingrid Millet's Perfect Skin Female Artist Award: Louisa So
MSC Men’s Body & Skin Care Centre Artist Award with Improved Skin: Kenneth Ma
Philips Brilliant Charm Award: Fala Chen
Victoria C Health Defense Award: Vanessa Yeung
Svenson Shiny Healthy Hair Artist Award: Moses Chan

Yuefu Hidden Dragon

"In ancient times, there are Emperors that "dont love Country, loves Beauty'. In the modern day, Moses Chan 'loves coffee, gives up on the country'! Moses had always been obedient, but recently he unexpectedly turned down TVB new series Yuefu Hidden Dragon in order to be able to reach his dream of opening a coffee shop."

"Yuefu Hidden Dragon is a costume series about Chinese folk song poems called Yuefu. So far we know the cast includes Myolie Wu, Linda Chung and Bobby Au Yeung."

Credit: aZnangel @