Monday, November 14, 2011

Linda Chung will not attend the Anniversary Gala and might not attending the Anniversary Awards

Linda Chung attended the Mingpao 43rd Anniversary Awards Ceremony yesterday with other tvb artists such as Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai, Wong Hei etc. Linda is nominated for "Best Actress" and "My Favorite Female Character" for the Anniversary Awards, but during the press conference Linda did not attended. Yesterday Linda explain the absence reason. She said that she rarely visit her family back in Canada, so while her parents and older sister came to Hong Kong, we go for a short trip. She will not attend the Anniversary Gala, but the ceremony will be held in December, she might also miss the Anniversary Awards. Asked if she was worry about the winning chance for not attending? Linda said: "I am confident with the satisfaction result this year."

She also said that she support Wayne Lai and her brother Steven Ma. As for Myolie Wu, both have always been good friends. Asked whether if she support Myolie? Linda said: "Myolie have room for improvement, join for seven years, she join for over ten years, ofcourse she has more chance, I think this is her breakout year." Some people say Myolie is the ultimate winner? "Myolie has experience, outstanding performance this year and received very good progress. Everyone support for their favorites." Linda also thank her fans for voting, however the voting are quite stronq, Linda reach to the top three with Fala and Myolie.