Sunday, March 28, 2010

Linda CBML pics


I know that you wonder why Linda hair is down is because she come a bit early so no one is doing her hair yet, and so she have time take pictures with fans. WOW March is about to END

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Linda EARN her self a lot of things


Linda Chung attended the event yesterday and said there will be one more month till Princess married complete. The drama is good and easy, the company even give me a lot of time to attended to event and earn money. And the money I earn is more and more everyday. Reporeter ask how do you reward yourself? Linda: I wanted to buy a pair of diamond earrings

Linda Chung reminders parents looking for it personal. Linda Chung, Sha Tin today to help a computer shop to do the openning of guests, Linda said that their building, a girl, the parents been reminder that she meet her boyfriend, so she hope to find a good man.

( Lily: Linda is so pretty in that outfits she look really cute and that outfit give me a smile really cute )

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Post is translated by: Lily Lee

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Love Story Promo


credit:tpbtvcbase thanks for letting me repost.

My Love Story Promo

Sunday, March 21, 2010

CBML pics and My Story =)


Lily Lee: hummmm.... I have been waiting for Can't Buy Me Love to came out scence December and I think it will not come out until middle of 2010 or longer. But now I am enjoying 72 Tenants and I think Linda did a good job i will post a news about it somewhere this week. And I think you wonder why I get pictures from Charmaine Sheh TVB Blog mostly because I think that Charmaine is in the same series so I think she will have some pictures in Can't Buy Me Love and I'm feel sad that Linda haven't post anything in her TVB Blog and last time she was in the 4th place but now not even in the 10th so please please please visit her blog and support her. And I was wondering what function Linda gonna have next????? So if you have any of Linda pictures or news just send me a message at my email or if you have a questions.

Just my news: I am in high school now and I live in Canada. And first I think that I am going to open Charmaine Sheh blog but I saw sehseh blog and I think that blog help a lots of people knows about Charmaine then I watch Heart Of Greed I saw Linda in that series and I love her role so I search for Linda fans blog can't find any then I create her blog in November Lovely Linda Chung till December I found Lovable Linda that really cool to meet Mymy she is a very nice friend then till February I meet more blog of differents artists and I think that not only me love every actress in TVB thousand of peoples does so I think is pretty cool.

And I know that you have wondering why I post the phone pictures??? hahhaha that is not my phones that my family phones my phones is the Chanel black and sparkle that have the Chanel X. And I find out that if you brought a 72 Tenants you will find a envelop inside that's pretty nice. And someone send me a message ask me have I meet Linda in real life yet? Yes twice when she come to Toronto and one time she come with Raymond and Fala. But did not have a chance to take pictures with theme.

This Lovely Pictures is from Love-LovelyLindaChungBlog
Now many people come to Lovely Linda Chung Blog and read the news and look at the pictures that I post, I wanted to say THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for visit here and I hope this blog can be 30 years old or more like I say UNTIL LINDA RETIRED.

Thank you,

Lily Lee


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wong Cho Lam and Linda Chung 72 Tenants


From Cintyyyy989 for Lovely Linda Chung Blog.

Patrick Tang host for JSG


This article is talking about the recent TVB suspected corruption new and say that although TVB City has tight there security now but some show like JSG show as normal. And that is why wwe see Linda appearing on those shows photo with Stephanie last time and so is this time.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

72 Tenants of Prosperity DVD


Like most Lunar New Year comedies, 72 Tenants of Prosperity concerns family dymamics and over-extended romantic situations. King ( Eric Tsang ) and Kin ( Jacky Cheung ) are former best bubbies who let their friendship go to rot over Hong ( Anita Yuen ), who married Kung and born him two children play by TVB regulars Linda Chung and Bosco Wong. Kin is currently their neighbor and has two children of his own, one played by TVB regular Wong Cho lam and not a regular TVb Stephy Tang play Kin daughter, who's enamored with Japanese AV culture and just returned from Japan where she worked as an assistant director on AV films. What follows are some supprising gags acknowledging Tang's minor resemblance to pornstar Akiho Yoshizawa and set up a love story for Stephy and Bosco like romeo and juliet.

Linda Chung and Wong Cho Lam is pairing and the film note Linda Chung self-described resemblance to Wu Chun of boy band Fahrenheit. A parody of Ip Man is performed too reverently to be very funny, though seeing Linda Chung as Donnie Yen stand-i is amusing.

Lily: I only translate Linda Chung part =)

Bonus: I saw this pictures from someone send it to me name hihi and this picture is while Linda practice like Wu Chun. Thank you hihi

By the way remember to fill out the form for Linda birthday wish

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Linda and Stephanie - Ngoi Dak Hei


(If you wanted me to write the lyrics please tell me in the CBOX)

Linda get pay HKD 45,000 for a function


This news is much talking about how much Linda was paid for attended at function. Linda get
pay for attending was HKD $ 45000.

When I have time I will translate the whole thing.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Linda aprroached by ICAC

ICAC has approached several TVB artist for investigation. Because TVB ordered their artists to keep their mouth sealed, avoid getting involved in the case, artists avoide the media including Linda Chung, Shirley Yeung and Tavia Yeung. Yesterday we th 3 ladies returned to TVB city, once they saw a large group of reporters standing outside, they quickly ran in. Linda Chung did " tai chi " and shock her head yelling "NO" to the media. Tavia on the other hand was more relaxed and kept her mouth shut a she walked in. At a series promotional event, Shirley Yeung generously admitted that she was investigated by the ICAC.

Not only Linda got ICAC Investigation Shirley, Tavia, Charmaine, Steven and rumor going on with Wayne Lai and Sharon Chan.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated By: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Thursday, March 11, 2010

About Can't Buy Me Love


English Title: Can't Buy Me Love

Costume Fitting Date and Time: December 17, 2009 and at 12:30

Costume Fitting Place: Tseung Kwan 0 TVB City Ancient street in from of Shaolin Temple

Genre: Ancient

Episodes: 30

Producer: Miu Siu Ching

Main Cast:

Moses Chan: Moses character will be a funny guy and get bullying by princesses and marry Charmaine.

Linda Chung: Linda character is a village girl at first and hired by Raymond to be a maid for Charmaine and eventually become a princess.

Charmaine Sheh: Charmaine character is the 3rd princess and she marry the 4th Prince of gold manufacturing company and played by Moses.

Raymond Wong: Raymond character will be Moses and Louis brother and play a prince.

Kenneth Ma: Kenneth character is best friend of Moses and a royal designated matchmaker. And will be with Sharon.

Sharon Chan: Sharon will play one of the princess with Charmaine and bullying Moses, Raymond and Louis.

Fala Chen: Fala role is Charmaine bodyguard she is a fighter who keep Charmaine safe.

Susan Tse: she will be a kind and nice mother.

Susanna Kwan: Susanna will be th head leader of household of the kam family and Raymond will play her son.

Elaine Yiu: Elaine is a guest star and she will play Moses dream lover and he will discuss trouble with her.

Lee Heung Kam: She will play Susanna mother-in-law

There is going to be a lots of princesses
And by the way Sharon Chan sprained her neck while she filming Can't By Me Love and it because she was wearing a heavy head gear. The doctor said she have some bones that is shifted and she hurt and hardly to move her head and she need to have physiotherapy for a month.
Lily: For me that I love Sharon in The Beauty of Game and I was think about create a blog of her. This week and hope that you will support that blog just like this blog. Thank you and wish Sharon Luck.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pictures while Shopping


Through 2009 and to this new year 2010 Linda has been developing in drama, music and movies industries. After the function yesterday Linda when to shop and when she past the bridal shop she say hi to male and stay by the current chit - chat.

When she saw reporter taking pictures she keep pointing at the camera and feel shock.

A little bit later she pull her friend out and made a V hand sign.

After 5 minutes, the guy went out to halt cab and left Linda board it. At last Linda left and went back to her apartment at Tseung Kwan O.
Translate by: Me Lily Lee

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sony Ericsson Vivaz

Creadit: sonyericssonhongkong

Linda is very cute and those moves are great

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Linda like to take pictures but not intimating pictures


Linda attended an mobile event yesterday and some of the guest is Jason Chan, Andy On.... During the even the host play some of the clip Linda performed as Wing Chun in the 72 Tenant Of Prosperity. But some clumsy movements show up and she explain she is a female fighter.

While Francois Huynh's doing some moves in fighting, Linda take pictures and video clip it. Some reporter reported in the internet and Linda said she like to take it.

Reporter ask Linda Will she take any intimating pictures with boyfriend? She said that is acceptable to have some hugging posture but not intimating shoots like kissing or in bed. Linda also said that she will becareful from now on so no one can take pictures under her shorts and she will wear pants for safety.


Monday, March 1, 2010

A little Linda fan


She is very cute her name is Yunn Yi and she's a fan of Linda.
Oh and Linda post this video at her Alivenotdead blog.

From Linda alivenotdead blog

Hmmm...I notice that the CD has my autograph... I wonder when I signed it... but neways, I just really hope she recovers soon!

I'm so grateful for the life GOD gave me... it just seems like just yesterday i was a normal person who sitting at home watching chinese dramas... and now i am an artist with fans who look up to me...WOW! I really hope i can coutinue to be a good role model for everyone.


She is singing Linda's songs =)