Saturday, February 26, 2011

Linda Chung Will Miss Charmaine Sheh’S Departure From Tvb

Rumors circulated that Charmaine Sheh Si Man will not be renewing her TVB management contract upon its April expiration date. Allegedly, Charmaine was offered a $15 million (HKD) contract by a mainland production company interested in signing her. Charmaine’s former Can’t Buy Me Love "公主嫁到" co-star, Linda Chung Ka Yan, congratulated Charmaine while indicating that her departure will be truly missed if the news turned out to be true.

At a Commercial Radio interview, Linda said, “I will miss Charmaine!” (Does Linda also want to do the same?) “I also want to earn some Yuan. Two years ago, I was offered a role in a modern mainland drama. The filming fee was quite good.” (TVB did not allow you time to film the drama?) “No, that was not the reason. God will make arrangements.”

With Charmaine leaving TVB, this will increase Linda’s opportunities within TVB? Linda replied, “Every year, there are a lot of new female artists entering TVB. [With Charmaine’s departure], there will be one less good actress.”

There were rumors that Charmaine was being pursued by a wealthy heir. Was Linda interested in dating a rich man as well? “Since I was raised in Canada , I would prefer a man who can speak English more.”

Source: Orientaldaily
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Friday, February 25, 2011

'Fun With Liza & Gods' Drama Costume Fitting

The success of variety show "Fun With Liza & Gods" brought new job opportunities to hosts Liza Wang, Louis Yuen, Johnson Lee, and Wong Cho Lam. After holding a concert last year, now they moved on to their own television series--"荃加福祿壽探案". [rough translation for now: Fun With Liza & Gods Detective Cases]

The four hosts attended to the drama's costume fitting yesterday. The drama tells a detective story happened in the 60s, so the drama's fashion style is quite retro. The three "Gods" said they group as one this time and challenge other TV Kings to win big in the Anniversary Awards.

"We three can't be better than just one Wayne Lai?," joked Louis. "Wayne, Moses Chan, and Raymond need to be careful this year."

Besides the four main characters, other actors are making their guest-appearance as well. Toby Leung, Christine Kuo, Aimee Chan, Linda Chung, Ella Koon, Elvina Kong, and King Kong, etc are confirmed to join the cast.

Toby plays Liza's daughter in the drama. Ella plays a maid and falls in love at one sight with Johnson. As for Aimee, who looked like a mad ghost at yesterday's costume fitting, she plays a married woman whose husband takes all her money away; that's why she has to scare people with that look.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: Kay's Entertainment

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Linda Sighs 'high Technology Means Less Privacy'

Linda sighs 'High technology means less privacy'
Regarding the recent leaked photographs on the new TVB series ‘The World of Sister Fa’, where Raymond Lam’s character pictures were circulated online. Rumoured girlfriend, Linda Chung replied: “As artists, we cannot control these situations. The series has not been scheduled to be aired yet and already there are large amount of photographs circulating. When the series airs, these photographs will spoil the suspense and the attraction of the storyline. ” She sighed and continued: “Now that technology is so sophisticated, with even mobile phones being able to take photographs, its difficult to avoid.” Asked if Linda hear any fans buying these photographs, she replied: “I haven’t heard.”

Bowie Lam uploaded a photograph of himself and Linda sporting old drama costume onto Weibo and had put the caption, ‘Today is Linda’s Big Day’. As a consequence, friends and family went to TVB city to see Linda and gave their best wishes.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated By: Elvina Chang @ TVB News World           

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Drama Release Dates Top 2 of 10 most anticipated dramas involve Linda

YES SIR, NO SIR (點解阿Sir係阿Sir): Hilarious Moses Chan
Producer: Lau Ka Ho
Starring: Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung
Broadcast Period: April or May

Moses Chan's hilarious kung fu develops vividly. He left deep impressions on viewers' hearts for his comedic roles. In the series, Moses plays a police officer, but because he was investigating a case involving a school teacher, he went into the school to be an undercover. This series slightly resembles Stephen Chow's film Fight Back to School, just that this time Moses is an officer and a funny one too.

Jiujiang's Twelve Mills (九江十二坊) (Tentative): Brothers fights for property

Producer: Wong Wai Sing
Starring: Bowie Lam, Sunny Chan, Pierre Ngo
Broadcast Period: September

After over 10 years, Pierre Ngo finally makes a breakthrough for his roles in Rosy Business and No Regrets. This time, in this new series he takes on the lead actor role alongside Bowie Lam and Sunny Chan. The three of them fight for if 'you die, I live', the theme of the series is fight for property. Also, the series is shooting in Jiujiang for something new to audience.

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Linda Chung Accused Of Spreading Flu In Tvb

It's the flu season again and many people are catching the flu, including TVB artists. Many artists currently filming upcoming drama "九江十二坊" caught the flu, like leads Linda Chung, Sunny Chan, and Bowie Lam. As for the source of flu, Sunny exposed it's actually Linda.

"Linda was the first one to get sick, and she keeps working everyday. She is probably the one who spreads it out," he said.

In fact, Linda has been sick for more than a month. As for she is accused of spreading flu virus, she just treats it like a joke, but still worries whether she is the one who caused many people to get sick.

"They're all blaming on me now," she joked. "But it's true that I was the first one to get sick. Besides Sunny and Bowie, staff behind-the-scene are sick, too."

Although she already went to the doctors three times, she still didn't get any better and it's affecting her to speak during filming. Sunny is even worst: he can't speak.

"I lost my voice. I had to pretend I was speaking on-screen, then voice over later. Good that I'm alright now," the actor said.

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: Kay's Entertainment

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Linda Chung Wishes Raymond Lam "happy New Year"

Source: Oriental Daily

Yesterday Linda Chung attended a New Year greeting event at the shopping center. She reveals that this new year she had not kept in touch with rumored boyfriend Raymond Lam: "I did send a SMS to a big group of friends, but he's not included. I am wishing him a Happy New Year and good health right here, right now!" To be releasing her new album in March, Linda is currently busy recording the MV to her new song If You Want Me. Asked if she invited Raymond to be her male lead? She said: "Well he has to take a break on the new year, I asked a foreign friend of mines to shoot the MV with me. I am the producer. (Didn't find a male role?) Yes, just filmed the back of my foreign friend."

Asked about her new year wish, Linda smiled: "I hope that everyone good health and I want to end the habit of sleeping late!" She also clarified of the incident earlier when a Netizen exposed she was quarreling on the streets with a foreigner, like they were a couple, but that was actually during the shooting of her MV. However, the Netizen's photo did not show the camera, microphones and other equipment, so that added to the suspicion.

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