Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wong He 'arrogantly' Praises Tvb Making Good Use Of Resources To Promote Someone

Wong He and Linda Chung's Twilight Investigations ratings have not been too bad. Yesterday they attended the promotional event at the busy Tsim Sha Shui along with the rest of the cast Raymond Wong, Johnson Lee and Queenie Chu. The cast were grabbing passerbyers to make a "gwing look", which attracted many people to surround the area. The promotion was quite effective.

Later, Wong He expressed he wanted to shoot a sequel, but the Producer did not comment, asked if he and Linda's on-screen couple team will be going all out on accepting jobs during the golden Christmas period? Wong He joked: "I am announcing it's over between me and her, I fired her. Nobody has offered us jobs, written news about us, or followed us in the last two weeks. I will just have to fly solo. (Audience have deep impression on her and Raymond Lam!) Proves that TVB is good at using their resources when it comes to promoting someone, spilling mercury, get into every hole possible, many angles and levels. They can easily boost the person they want to boost!" In other words, Wong He is describing Mona Fong's "no fear of gossips" note to Raymond, it's a favorable criticism, trendy and creates a new 12 honest words.

Also, in the series Linda plays a happy girl and gets criticized by Netizens saying that her acting is exaggerated. Linda explained that it is necessary for the character. In the series, she loves Raymond Lam, Linda smiled: "It is necessary for the script, Raymond is so popular, it's reasonable that he's an idol."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Nobody writes about Linda's on-screen pairing with Wong He

Today there was a function for Twilight Investigation, and Linda and Wong Hei were trying to get pedestrians on the streets to attempt to make the emotion of "囧" (the typical funny looking face most prominent in the drama). This attracted a huge crowd of people surrounding them, and even caused a commotion, which led an abrupt end for this function. Wong Hei expresses that he is happy about the viewership ratings for this drama. Also, he comments with a laugh that no one is looking for, writing about and following him and Linda as an on-screen pairing. He was then asked if the Rayda pairing is too popular in people's hearts so this new pairing is not that widely accepted, of which he answered "TVB knows how to support artists, and they will advertise for them very well and also uses their resources very efficiently."


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Linda's Weibo Updates

Some photos from Linda Weibo at TVB Awards from yesterday!!!!

6K. My favourite:)

Sheren Tang Loses To Charmaine Sheh At Malaysia's My Aod Tvb Series Awards Ceremony

At the "MY AOD MY FAVOURITE TVB SERIES AWARDS CEREMONY 2010", Can't Buy Me Love were the big winners of the night. Besides Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh winnng My Favourite TV Leading Actor and Actress, they also won My Favourite TV Series awards. As for No Regrets, only Pierre Ngo and Fala Chen won My Favourite Supporting Actor and Actress!

When Charmaine went on stage to accept her award, she expressed that winning this award is not easy and that she has to thank TVB executive Catherine Tsang because she was the one who asked Charmaine to participate in her very first series. Charmaine also said that Catherine often says that she is ugly to impact her and also taught her that she cannot be proud. About the TVB Anniversary Awards held the evening after tomorrow, Charmaine expressed: "The results will be known the evening after tomorrow, I will face it like normal."
Sheren Tang lost to Charmaine and onyl won "Top 10 My Favourite TV Characters" for her role in No Regrets. She expressed that she is not unhappy about losing and expressed that only the first 10 episodes of No Regrets was counted in Malaysia. To be able to win an award with Wayne Lai, she feels happy.

As for Tavia Yeung, this year she part the top 5 Best Actress award, but she frankly said that she personally gives her vote to Charmaine Sheh and for TV King she supports Moses Chan, not her partner Raymond Lam. Tavia was asked if she has confidence for winning herself? She said that this year everyone is evenly matched. Asked why she's not voting for her partner Raymond Lam? She said she hopes that Raymond can wait for her to get TV Queen, so they can get the award together.

Before Raymond's award was announced, the MCs Vincent Wong and Leanne Li made jokes out of it. Vincent told Leanne: "I know you like Raymond, let you announce it!" Then Leanne said: "Yeah, Raymond is so handsome, any girl would like him!" It was hilarious scene. As Raymond was unable to attend the awards ceremony, he recorded his acceptance speech beforehand, but the audio and signal was bad, Vincent couldn't help but tease: "Raymond so popular he's on top of the universe!"


Top 10 My Favourite TV Characters
1. Tavia Yeung - Tsui Siu Lai (The Mysteries of Love)
2. Raymond Lam - King Bok/Kingsley (The Mysteries of Love)
3. Steven Ma - Po Chung Ling (Ghost Writer)
4. Charmaine Sheh - Princess Chiu Yeung (Can't Buy Me Love)
5. Linda Chung - Lau Sum Yu (Ghost Writer)
6. Kevin Cheng - Ku Yu Jeung/Ku Kin Sing (Fistful of Stances)
7. Wayne Lai - Lau Sing (No Regrets)
8. Kenneth Ma - Ku Yu Tong (Fistful of Stances)
9. Moses Chan - Kam Doh Luk (Can't Buy Me Love)
10. Sheren Tang - Cheng Gau Mui (No Regrets)

My Favourite TV Villain: Dominic Lam - Wing Dak (Fistful of Stances)
My Favourite TV Supporting Actress: Fala Chen (No Regrets)
My Favourite TV Supporting Actor: Pierre Ngo (No Regrets)
My Favourite TV Leading Actress: Charmaine Sheh (Can't Buy Me Love)
My Favourite TV Leading Actor: Moses Chan (Can't Buy Me Love)
My Favourite TV Series: Can't Buy Me Love

Source:, Singtao
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Stealing Ron Ng's Girl, Wong He Hopes To Be Linda Chung's On-Screen Lover Rate Topic:


Wong He, Linda Chung and the cast to TVB new series Twilight Investigations attended the promotional event in Tsuen Wan. Replacing the broadcast of No Regrets, the two expressed that they have confidence on the TV ratings. Wong He said: "There is some pressure, No Regrets increased the audience appetite, but now the audience can change the appetite and watch a comedy, don't have to be so serious. (Did you ask for more promotions?) No, TVB promotions have always been scheduled well, and is the same for all series."
Already been in the industry for 16 years, Wong He has a wish, he hopes to be an on-screen couple with Linda, earning money together. Reporters teased that he cannot compete with Raymond Lam or Ron Ng, Wong He said: "Ron ng can't finish it all, for the rest of the year I'll take care of it first, we are earning income so Linda can buy a house." Linda happily responded: "I want to too! Always rumoring with Raymond and Ron, really boring, change partners for a fresh feeling."
Also, Linda attended the Cartier party last night after returning from the States for rumored boyfriend Raymond Lam's concert. When speaking of the concert, she said that it was the first time she sang fast songs and personally felt that she was qualified. Linda has confidence in having a few fast songs in her upcoming album. This time she sang more songs at the concert than usual, she sang 11 songs, usually she only does 5. Linda denies that she gave rumored boyfriend special treatment, calling room service for him at the hotel every day, she did not ewat with Raymond. Towards the rumors that TVB executive Virgina Lok is losing power and impacted Raymond? She said that Raymond has a positive personality, then changed the subject saying during his concert, he would often feel unwell suffering from the flu.
Denies that Ron is pursuing her
It was recently rumored that Ron Ng is pursuing her, Linda did not hesitate to deny the rumors: "Every time I film a series, I always rumored with the male lead, feeling numb to all of it. (Can you feel that he's pursuing you?) When I am filming series, I am completely focused on my work. (Your so focused, so he can still pursue you?) I believe he's very professional, I don't feel that he's pursuing me, this is old news. (Is there a possibility to develop with Ron?) No." Linda said that when she was young, she used to have the Prince Charming in her heart, but now that she's older, she feels that outer appearance is not important, it's about feelings and will leave everything to God

Wong He & Linda Chung Team Up As On-Screen Couple

Wong He and Linda Chung attended to the promotion event for new series "Twilight Investigation" (囧探查過界). Wong even said he wants to team up with Linda as a new unofficial on-screen couple, and Linda generously agreed.

Wong said: "This time I want to pair with Linda as the end-of-the-year on-screen couple. Never tried that the 16 years I'm in showbiz. Hope everyone give us a chance. (Must face strong competitors like Raymond Lam and Ron Ng?) We are unofficial on-screen couple. I'll replace them when they're busy, trying to make Linda stand out. She really wants to buy a house. If she has more work, then she can buy one more quickly. (She already owns one?) Then I'll give this opportunity to another one. Oceane Zhu is not bad." Wong also worried about the series because it is aired after anniversary series "No Regrets." But he is confident because first episode is already very funny.

Linda said: "I also want to pair with Wong He. Always rumor with Raymond and Ron, Wong He rarely has rumors. It would be happy if we can take stage jobs together. He is a very good partner." She admitted wanting to buy another house because there is not enough rooms when her parents stay in Hong Kong.

Source: Mingpao / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment