Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wong He 'arrogantly' Praises Tvb Making Good Use Of Resources To Promote Someone

Wong He and Linda Chung's Twilight Investigations ratings have not been too bad. Yesterday they attended the promotional event at the busy Tsim Sha Shui along with the rest of the cast Raymond Wong, Johnson Lee and Queenie Chu. The cast were grabbing passerbyers to make a "gwing look", which attracted many people to surround the area. The promotion was quite effective.

Later, Wong He expressed he wanted to shoot a sequel, but the Producer did not comment, asked if he and Linda's on-screen couple team will be going all out on accepting jobs during the golden Christmas period? Wong He joked: "I am announcing it's over between me and her, I fired her. Nobody has offered us jobs, written news about us, or followed us in the last two weeks. I will just have to fly solo. (Audience have deep impression on her and Raymond Lam!) Proves that TVB is good at using their resources when it comes to promoting someone, spilling mercury, get into every hole possible, many angles and levels. They can easily boost the person they want to boost!" In other words, Wong He is describing Mona Fong's "no fear of gossips" note to Raymond, it's a favorable criticism, trendy and creates a new 12 honest words.

Also, in the series Linda plays a happy girl and gets criticized by Netizens saying that her acting is exaggerated. Linda explained that it is necessary for the character. In the series, she loves Raymond Lam, Linda smiled: "It is necessary for the script, Raymond is so popular, it's reasonable that he's an idol."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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