Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stealing Ron Ng's Girl, Wong He Hopes To Be Linda Chung's On-Screen Lover Rate Topic:


Wong He, Linda Chung and the cast to TVB new series Twilight Investigations attended the promotional event in Tsuen Wan. Replacing the broadcast of No Regrets, the two expressed that they have confidence on the TV ratings. Wong He said: "There is some pressure, No Regrets increased the audience appetite, but now the audience can change the appetite and watch a comedy, don't have to be so serious. (Did you ask for more promotions?) No, TVB promotions have always been scheduled well, and is the same for all series."
Already been in the industry for 16 years, Wong He has a wish, he hopes to be an on-screen couple with Linda, earning money together. Reporters teased that he cannot compete with Raymond Lam or Ron Ng, Wong He said: "Ron ng can't finish it all, for the rest of the year I'll take care of it first, we are earning income so Linda can buy a house." Linda happily responded: "I want to too! Always rumoring with Raymond and Ron, really boring, change partners for a fresh feeling."
Also, Linda attended the Cartier party last night after returning from the States for rumored boyfriend Raymond Lam's concert. When speaking of the concert, she said that it was the first time she sang fast songs and personally felt that she was qualified. Linda has confidence in having a few fast songs in her upcoming album. This time she sang more songs at the concert than usual, she sang 11 songs, usually she only does 5. Linda denies that she gave rumored boyfriend special treatment, calling room service for him at the hotel every day, she did not ewat with Raymond. Towards the rumors that TVB executive Virgina Lok is losing power and impacted Raymond? She said that Raymond has a positive personality, then changed the subject saying during his concert, he would often feel unwell suffering from the flu.
Denies that Ron is pursuing her
It was recently rumored that Ron Ng is pursuing her, Linda did not hesitate to deny the rumors: "Every time I film a series, I always rumored with the male lead, feeling numb to all of it. (Can you feel that he's pursuing you?) When I am filming series, I am completely focused on my work. (Your so focused, so he can still pursue you?) I believe he's very professional, I don't feel that he's pursuing me, this is old news. (Is there a possibility to develop with Ron?) No." Linda said that when she was young, she used to have the Prince Charming in her heart, but now that she's older, she feels that outer appearance is not important, it's about feelings and will leave everything to God

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