Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Linda UPDATE her Weibo

Linda weibo http://t.sina.com/chungchungchung

Linda: Yes, this is the real Linda kayan! i dont use iphone so it's harder for me to update weibo...but anyhow...really happy to see everyone

Lily: YESSSS!!!! Linda finally update her weibo and I think she is really busy so sh won't post news offen so fans please don't complain =).

Linda new photoshot


Linda newest photoshot I will try to find a better clearer photos

Linda Denies she's being bullied by Fala Chen


Steven Ma, Linda Chung, and Fala Chen etc attended to a promotion for "Ghost Writer" yesterday. Earlier Ng Kar Lok exposed Linda secretly admires Steven, Linda said with a big reaction: "Stupid! Of course no, he said that because I wasn't in a good health before, they said I couldn't pull myself out from the character, but actually I pulled myself out pretty well! Secretly admiring Steven, it's impossible!" In addition, it's also rumored Steven and Fala bullied Linda together, Linda also denied right away and said the three have very good friendship.

Source: Oriental Daily

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Legend of Pu Song Ling newspaper

(Sorry the newspaper is too hard to translate, so sorry but hopefully someone will translated for me and I will post it up)

Linda Chung Expressed Wrongly, Didn't Know Raymond Lam Was "shrimp Dumpling Boy"


Linda Chung interview

Earlier a tabloid magazine reported that Raymond Lam's facial appearance changed, his chin becomes more slender, longer and looks like a shrimp dumpling. Rumored girlfriend Linda Chung attended an environmental safety event yesterday and was asked if she's seen "shrimp dumpling boy" lately? She misunderstood the question and thought reporters were talking about Kelly Chen's son, also nicknamed "shrimp dumpling boy", Linda greatly praised that he's very cute. She later learned that Reporters were actually talking about Raymond, she smiled a little and said: "Ah! You all are talking about that one with 'prince illness'!"

Linda frankly said that she has read the reports saying that Raymond got plastic surgery, the related photos published were just a matter of camera angles. She stressed that sometimes she herself also has a "shrimp dumpling" chin appearance too.

Perfect outer appearance, don't believe he got plastic surgery

Does she believe Raymond really did undergo plastic surgery? She embarrassingly said: "This is a decision made by the individual themselves, I do not know. It's been a long time since I've seen Raymond, but I do believe that he didn't do plastic surgery. His outer appearance is already perfect, not necessary!" Asked if Linda likes her boyfriend having a shrimp dumpling chin? She happily said: "I think it's really cute!" Teasing that Raymond did plastic surgery because of her? Linda laughed and said "crazy", then she said that many westerners have a shrimp dumpling chin. Asked if the guy has a shrimp dumpling chin, will he attract her more? She said one word: "funny" and did not respond.

Linda said that she personally really likes children, earlier she sponsored a child through Po Leung Kuk, but has not met the child yet. Since she loves children that much, why don't she plan to have a few of her own? She said: "I have always wanted to have 2 children, or maybe 3! (Want a girl or a boy?) Doesn't matter, but I want to be the 'lai lai', so I do like boys." When do you plan to be a mother? Linda expressed that she has time. She said: "One baby a year, I still have lots of time! The technology today is amazing, can still have children at an older age!"

Raymond Lam: Maybe next time say I got breast enlargement!

The other night, Raymond performed at The Voice concert, when asked about his chin surgery rumors? He joked: "I feel these types of news is really funny. When I train for larger muscles, maybe they'll say I got breast enlargement, becoming the E God."

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Can't Buy Me Love magazine


I will translated when I have time

Linda Chung insisted on completing filming despite having scraps on her feet


Linda Chung was shooting an advertisement for ZENSES tissues. She changed into 3 different models and had several leaping scenes on the beach. She attracted many onlookers surrounding the location to watch the shoot, almost 50 fans stopped to watch. In between filming, Linda went to meet with the long-awaiting fans.

In the advertisement, Linda reveals natural beauty. She modeled a beautiful O.L, elegant and generous modern woman and the youthful loving girl. Linda's favorite was the sheep style, she felt that it was very smart and bright. In another shot, she had to leap across the beach and the shells on the sand scraped her feet. The staff were very worried about her injuries, but Linda held in her pain as much as she could, carefully applying a bandage. She insisted on completing the shoot before they handle her scraps.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Short Event new


100 artist Catholics is gathering at Hong Kong Coliseum some of the artist like Ada Choi and Wong Cho Lam will be there. Linda and Stephanie will perform there songs and so is other artists. And theshow is count up to 30,000 peoples and the total of 20 million tickets.

Hopefully pictures will be here tomorrow =-D

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Legend of Pu Song Ling function


Linda, Steven and other casts of The Legend of Pu Song Ling. There still rumor about Raymond and Linda but she still admit that is not true. There's news but mostly about Raymond and Linda.
Lily: Linda costumes is so cute and I was wondering what is Fala and Linda doing, I think they taking pictures with Fala Iphone.

"Some things were predestined"

The 26-year old actress was born in in Maple Ridge, British Columbia and raised in Vancouver. She has an elder brother and an elder sister. After graduating from the high school in year 2002, she pursued her undergraduate studies at University of British Columbia(UBC in short). And at the same year, she participated in a local beauty competition and won the first place.

In 2003, she won the title of Miss Chinese Vancouver, and represented her country to joined Miss Chinese International in HongKong and became one of the contestant from Vancouver to win Miss Chinese International.

When asked if she's been dolling up since she was young and eventually joined the beauty pageant, she responded and said that she has no 'concept' about dolling up when she was young and the clothes she wore were also passed down by her elder brother and sister. At that point of time with a messy hairstyle and a spectacle on top of that, she will only admire those artists who were pretty. It was until the high school prom night then she put on her first make-up and wore a contact lens. And her classmates were awed by her dressing and since then she starts to build up confident on her looks.

As for the beauty pageant, it was her sister who initiated and encouraged her to join by submitting the application on behalf of her when she has just finished her high school and while waiting for university term to start, they found out about the pageant when they are doing shopping at one of the local mall.

And after the clinching the title of Miss Chinese International and subsequently joining the showbiz via TVB, she stopped her studies at Year 2 and did not graduate. But in view of this, she says that it was kind of’ predestined and she did not regret about it (i.e. not completing her degree).

( interview 3 will be post soon )
translated by: babyella

Bachelor Of Education Was Her Choice For Degree , And Linda Chung's Wish To Be A Primary School Teacher ( interview 1)

To look compatible on-screen or having great chemistry between each other, does not equate to "must have a relationship". I'm one who's pretty clear about this, and Lam Fung and I are good friends and good partner at work.

TVB new-era upcoming artiste Linda Chung was born in Canada and took up Bachelor of Education during her university days. Her wish was to be a primary/elementary school teacher because she loved kids and has often participate in charity events about children.

She felt that to be a teacher, he/she need not to be fierce at all times, acting cool could work as well. And if the teacher treat the student with respect and whole-heartedly, the students will feel your sincerity.

TVB artiste Linda Chung managed to rose up to the lead actress position after participating in both 'Heart of Greed' and 'Moonlight Resonance' series

Linda Chung potray the character of ;Sheung Joi Sum' and 'Yu So Sum' in both serial and the character are the typical good-girl
In real life, Linda Chung who appears to be as quiet as her tv series characters has turned out otherwise during the interview.

translated by: babyella

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Picture


Linda NEW PICTURES I was so excited to see it and she look lovely like always =).

Hk Actress Linda Chung Recounts Lowest Point In Career


SINGAPORE: Hong Kong actress Linda Chung described the period she was shooting the drama serial "The Legend of Pu Song Ling" as the lowest point in her career during a press event in Singapore on Thursday.

The 26-year-old actress grimaced as she recounted how she suffered from severe insomnia during the two months she was working on the drama last year.

Chung's character was embroiled in a love triangle in the show and ended up being the one who had to make sacrifices in the relationship.

"I was really unwell during the shooting of 'The Legend of Pu Song Lin' because I had insomnia. My health deteriorated and I couldn't focus during filming," said Chung. "I almost went crazy."

"I really don't know why, maybe my hormones were out of whack, and the show was so tragic."

The former Miss Chinese International added that her doctor had prescribed her sleeping pills but she refused to take them despite contracting the flu and suffering from fever as well as headaches due to sleep deprivation.

Fortunately, her co-workers were very supportive and all wanted to help her overcome her insomnia, though they were a little overenthusiastic.

"They were recommending this doctor and that doctor, and various medicines," she said with a laugh. "I told myself I shouldn't listen to all of it or I would get really confused!"

Eventually, it was rest and Chinese herbal remedies that snapped her out of it.

Chung managed to recover after taking a week-long break from her work before playing a carefree model in the dramedy "Twilight Investigation" opposite Hong Kong actor Wong He.

Although it has been months since the incident, Chung still remembered how frightened she was at the time.

"Everyday, you have this fear. When I laid down on my bed, I was afraid that I won't be able to sleep.

"Maybe it was the stress. I just couldn't stop thinking about work and even rehearsed my lines in my mind as I laid in bed," said Chung gloomily.

"That was the lowest point in my career so far. I couldn't sleep at all."

"The Legend of Pu Song Ling" will be available from July 7 via Starhub's Demand TV service.