Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bachelor Of Education Was Her Choice For Degree , And Linda Chung's Wish To Be A Primary School Teacher ( interview 1)

To look compatible on-screen or having great chemistry between each other, does not equate to "must have a relationship". I'm one who's pretty clear about this, and Lam Fung and I are good friends and good partner at work.

TVB new-era upcoming artiste Linda Chung was born in Canada and took up Bachelor of Education during her university days. Her wish was to be a primary/elementary school teacher because she loved kids and has often participate in charity events about children.

She felt that to be a teacher, he/she need not to be fierce at all times, acting cool could work as well. And if the teacher treat the student with respect and whole-heartedly, the students will feel your sincerity.

TVB artiste Linda Chung managed to rose up to the lead actress position after participating in both 'Heart of Greed' and 'Moonlight Resonance' series

Linda Chung potray the character of ;Sheung Joi Sum' and 'Yu So Sum' in both serial and the character are the typical good-girl
In real life, Linda Chung who appears to be as quiet as her tv series characters has turned out otherwise during the interview.

translated by: babyella

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