Friday, June 11, 2010

Linda Chung Expressed Wrongly, Didn't Know Raymond Lam Was "shrimp Dumpling Boy"


Linda Chung interview

Earlier a tabloid magazine reported that Raymond Lam's facial appearance changed, his chin becomes more slender, longer and looks like a shrimp dumpling. Rumored girlfriend Linda Chung attended an environmental safety event yesterday and was asked if she's seen "shrimp dumpling boy" lately? She misunderstood the question and thought reporters were talking about Kelly Chen's son, also nicknamed "shrimp dumpling boy", Linda greatly praised that he's very cute. She later learned that Reporters were actually talking about Raymond, she smiled a little and said: "Ah! You all are talking about that one with 'prince illness'!"

Linda frankly said that she has read the reports saying that Raymond got plastic surgery, the related photos published were just a matter of camera angles. She stressed that sometimes she herself also has a "shrimp dumpling" chin appearance too.

Perfect outer appearance, don't believe he got plastic surgery

Does she believe Raymond really did undergo plastic surgery? She embarrassingly said: "This is a decision made by the individual themselves, I do not know. It's been a long time since I've seen Raymond, but I do believe that he didn't do plastic surgery. His outer appearance is already perfect, not necessary!" Asked if Linda likes her boyfriend having a shrimp dumpling chin? She happily said: "I think it's really cute!" Teasing that Raymond did plastic surgery because of her? Linda laughed and said "crazy", then she said that many westerners have a shrimp dumpling chin. Asked if the guy has a shrimp dumpling chin, will he attract her more? She said one word: "funny" and did not respond.

Linda said that she personally really likes children, earlier she sponsored a child through Po Leung Kuk, but has not met the child yet. Since she loves children that much, why don't she plan to have a few of her own? She said: "I have always wanted to have 2 children, or maybe 3! (Want a girl or a boy?) Doesn't matter, but I want to be the 'lai lai', so I do like boys." When do you plan to be a mother? Linda expressed that she has time. She said: "One baby a year, I still have lots of time! The technology today is amazing, can still have children at an older age!"

Raymond Lam: Maybe next time say I got breast enlargement!

The other night, Raymond performed at The Voice concert, when asked about his chin surgery rumors? He joked: "I feel these types of news is really funny. When I train for larger muscles, maybe they'll say I got breast enlargement, becoming the E God."

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  1. haha Raymond's 'breast enlargememnt' reply made me laugh :)