Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Some things were predestined"

The 26-year old actress was born in in Maple Ridge, British Columbia and raised in Vancouver. She has an elder brother and an elder sister. After graduating from the high school in year 2002, she pursued her undergraduate studies at University of British Columbia(UBC in short). And at the same year, she participated in a local beauty competition and won the first place.

In 2003, she won the title of Miss Chinese Vancouver, and represented her country to joined Miss Chinese International in HongKong and became one of the contestant from Vancouver to win Miss Chinese International.

When asked if she's been dolling up since she was young and eventually joined the beauty pageant, she responded and said that she has no 'concept' about dolling up when she was young and the clothes she wore were also passed down by her elder brother and sister. At that point of time with a messy hairstyle and a spectacle on top of that, she will only admire those artists who were pretty. It was until the high school prom night then she put on her first make-up and wore a contact lens. And her classmates were awed by her dressing and since then she starts to build up confident on her looks.

As for the beauty pageant, it was her sister who initiated and encouraged her to join by submitting the application on behalf of her when she has just finished her high school and while waiting for university term to start, they found out about the pageant when they are doing shopping at one of the local mall.

And after the clinching the title of Miss Chinese International and subsequently joining the showbiz via TVB, she stopped her studies at Year 2 and did not graduate. But in view of this, she says that it was kind of’ predestined and she did not regret about it (i.e. not completing her degree).

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translated by: babyella

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