Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Linda Chung insisted on completing filming despite having scraps on her feet


Linda Chung was shooting an advertisement for ZENSES tissues. She changed into 3 different models and had several leaping scenes on the beach. She attracted many onlookers surrounding the location to watch the shoot, almost 50 fans stopped to watch. In between filming, Linda went to meet with the long-awaiting fans.

In the advertisement, Linda reveals natural beauty. She modeled a beautiful O.L, elegant and generous modern woman and the youthful loving girl. Linda's favorite was the sheep style, she felt that it was very smart and bright. In another shot, she had to leap across the beach and the shells on the sand scraped her feet. The staff were very worried about her injuries, but Linda held in her pain as much as she could, carefully applying a bandage. She insisted on completing the shoot before they handle her scraps.

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