Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nobody writes about Linda's on-screen pairing with Wong He

Today there was a function for Twilight Investigation, and Linda and Wong Hei were trying to get pedestrians on the streets to attempt to make the emotion of "囧" (the typical funny looking face most prominent in the drama). This attracted a huge crowd of people surrounding them, and even caused a commotion, which led an abrupt end for this function. Wong Hei expresses that he is happy about the viewership ratings for this drama. Also, he comments with a laugh that no one is looking for, writing about and following him and Linda as an on-screen pairing. He was then asked if the Rayda pairing is too popular in people's hearts so this new pairing is not that widely accepted, of which he answered "TVB knows how to support artists, and they will advertise for them very well and also uses their resources very efficiently."


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