Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TVB Rating Reports (02/05/2011-08/05/2011)

Yes, Sir. Sorry! Sir. - 點解阿Sir係阿Sir (EPS 11-15) - 30 PTS (Peaking at 33 PTS)

Relic of an Emissary - 洪武三十二 (EPS 21-24) - 27 PTS

- Many people are praising 4 veteran actors from 'Yes Sir Sorry Sir' including Chiang Chi Kwong, Law Lok Lam, Chow Chung and Joesph Lee, audience crowned them as the 'Old Four'.
- ATV claims that they have over 4 million viewers according to the research by the HKU Public Opinion Programme (POP) Phase II in April. TVB Foreign Affairs Deputy Director (Tsang Sing Ming) does not agree: "ATV has over 4 million viewers? We only have a little more than 2 million! Currently the TV and Advertisement industries agree to follow the international standards, and this is our personal aim for the results of our TV ratings. Even our popular series No Regrets only got 3 million viewers."

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