Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Raymond Lam Supported For Jsg Mandarin Song Award To Make Up For 'mavis Injury' Sacrifices Leo Ku

The JSG Selections 2011 Round 1 awards ceremony is held tonight. [Oriental Daily] received news that there are 14 songs that won an award. It's a hot battle for the 'Mandarin Song Award between TVB biological son Raymond Lam and EEG's big brother Leo Ku. However, it was said that because TVB wanted to comfort Raymond from the 'Mavis injury', they sacrificed Leo and he could leave disappointed at any time.

As for the 'Most Popular Mandarin Song Award', the hottest picks are Raymond Lam, Miriam Yeung and Leo Ku. It's a competition between Raymond and Leo since a mountain cannot have two tigers. TVB is also having a headache, it was said that TVB couldn't bear to let Raymond get hurt by Mavis Pan, so there is a high chance that his Let Me Love You For An Hour (讓我愛你一小時) will get the award. EEG is also not discouraged, putting all their effort into supporting Leo until the end.

Also, just got back from England for her concert, Joey doesn't lose out either. Once she got back to HK, she won 'Most Popular Commercial Song Award' for the song [i]Surge. As for Miriam who is currently in Macau for a concert received nothing for 'no show'.

In the 33 songs that were made it in round one, 14 of them won awards:

C AllStar - Space Elevator (天梯)
Edmond Leung - Center (中鋒)
Joey Yung - Surge (澎湃)
Gillian Chung - Put Down the Past (放低過去)
Charlene Choi - Year After Year (年年)
Sherman Chung - Take It
Vincy Chan - Who Will Love Me (有誰有愛我)
Joyce Cheng - Half Happiness (半份關心)
Alfred Hui - Leaving (出走)
Ivana Wong - The Best... (最好的…)
Linda Chung - If You Want Me
Andy Hui - Always In Love (一直相愛)
Chilam Cheung - Love You Like Crazy (冧爆你)
Aarif Lee - Speedy Comparsion (速度對比)

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