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“The Jade Girl” erupted in one scene, and was recommended for TV Queen by netizens
Linda Chung, this HongKong entertainment industry’s “newbie female artiste” had always given peoplethe image that she was just a Jade Girl. Other than the symbolic ‘teh’, weakand refined voice, that causes one to remember her rumours regarding herrelationship with Raymond Lam, and even then she only stood by Raymond’s side,smiling sweetly like a good girl, happy to be an accompaniment. However, in therecent airing of the drama , Linda moved the word inthe final episode’s “Miss Cool”, and her emotional scene with her crying madeothers change their negative views towards her. Netizens also recommended herfor the role of TV Queen, causing quite an uproar.

Important Word toNote: Breakthrough
Obtaining the title ofTV Queen is fated, I am not anxious about it

Yangcheng Wanbao: Thecharacter you portrayed, Miss Cool, in was very well received bythe public, and the viewers even want to recommend you for the role of TVQueen. Do you have confidence to get this title?

Linda: I am reallyvery happy! (laughs) But I never thought of getting TV Queen, if I could getthe “My Favourite TV Character” award I would already be very happy. As to TVQueen, I would have to leave it to fate. Furthermore, it is only June, andthere is a long time to go before the Awards, I think there is no need to beanxious.

Yangcheng Wanbao: “TVPioneer” Charmaine Sheh will begin to change her contract with TVB. As to beingone of the “Four New Best Fadans”, will you make “the top actress” your newgoal?

Linda: Recently, therewere really many reports comparing Kate Tsui, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen and myself,I think these are just promotional tactics. As to myself, I would mostdefinitely have such hopes for myself, and I hope that I could get more peopleto approve of this. This time, I feel that my performance has been a goodaccount to viewers.

Yangcheng Wanbao:Having been in the industry for 7 years, do you feel that it is time for abreakthrough?

Linda: Actually Idon’t feel that I have been in the industry for 7 years. My seniors say, after7 years one would be enlightened, but for acting skills to mature, 10 years isrequired. I personally have not reached the point where I can control mycharacter, a lot of the time it is my character controlling me, so I feel thatI am still in the learning stage. Filming is something I really like, and tome, it is not just a way of earning money, but this job brings me muchsatisfaction, such as the fact that my characters can become role models forchildren and youth. Because most of the characters I have acted as were JadeGirls, or strong personalities because of numerous experiences, many parentshave told me that my characters have caused their children to become more goodin nature.

Yangcheng Wanbao: From to , you have been filming many comedies in arow, would you consider leaning towards this area for future development?

Linda: I would notlimit myself in the path that I am to take, I would like to try everythingfirst. However, the ‘sexy look’ would definitely be something that I cannotpull off. (laughs) I do not like exposing too much, even if it is only thethought of being sexy would not cultivate the right feel.

Yangcheng Wanbao: Inthe drama you are currently filming, , what roleare you playing?

Linda: A pioneer dancer.Upon receiving this role, I was still quite anxious, because dancing is not mygreatest strength, but I will put in my best effort to act out this character.

Yangcheng Wanbao: Youhave had quite a few tries in the area of music, do you prefer singing oracting?

Linda: I like singing,because singers can express their own personality and feelings. When I amsinging, I would maintain a very clean and pure image, and be myself.Currently, there are very few girls with this type of image, I feel that I cantake this chance to dominate the market, haha!

Important Word toNote: Harsh Training
When I first enteredthe industry, it was tough and I cried everyday

Yangcheng Wanbao: Haveyou had any performance inclination since young?

Linda: Actually when Iwas young, I was a very typical girl. Graduating from high school at the age of17, I was waiting to enter university. In those two months, I had reallynothing better to do and when I was shopping, I saw an advertisement for abeauty pageant and my sister helped me get an application form and signed meup. Initially, I thought that I would finish my studies and go out to teach, Inever thought of being an actress. In Canada, I was a very introverted younggirl, but whenever I went on stage to perform, I would instantly change into areally confident person. When I first signed a contract with TVB, I was quiteuncertain and it took me a lot of persuading to convince my parents to allow meto try out for two years. If I couldn’t make it, I would then go back to Canadato work or get married, who knew that one shot would carry me through al these7 years.

Yangcheng Wanbao: Whenyou first came to Hong Kong alone, without any acting experience whatsoever,that was difficult, huh?

Linda: The first dramaI filmed was , and all the other actors wereexperienced ones, like Nancy Sit, Louis Yuen, and Kingdom Yuen. Although thatwas a comedy, I was unable to relax, and simply too nervous, when I didn’tlaugh I appeared so serious, everyone around me felt that I was composed andcalm, but my heart was pounding so hard in my chest. Then, I acted the mostpartner films with Steven Ma, and he said that I had the potential, but I wonderedif he said the same to every newcomer. (laughs) During the toughest period, Icried every day. After 3 years from entering the industry, I rarely talked toother actors or others in my company, buying food and eating alone. Later, Islowly let myself go, and made a few good friends such as Shirley Yeung, TaviaYeung and Leanne Li, confiding in each other, and helping me become happier.

Yangcheng Wanbao: Havingacted so many characters, which one do you like the most?

Linda: I like too many of them, I am a verygreedy person! ’s Sheung Joi Sum, , , ,, and another ,unfortunately this series never aired.

Yangcheng Wanbao: There is a great disparityamong the characters of your favourite roles, are you a person that loves challenges?

Linda: I don’t know. I want to try differentthings, but sometimes in the midst of challenge I would feel very nervous. Therewas one period of time in which I was continuously acting as a “Super GoodGirl”. Many scenes would need me to cry, making me almost faint with the effortof crying! Then, I really wished for a different character. I need tocontinually accept different characters, before I can progress!

Important Word to Note: Good Good Girl
I am naïve, but I rarely ever get bullied

Yangcheng Wanbao: There was a time in whichyou became the spokesperson of the “Good Girl” image, were you afraid that theimage might stick at that time?

Linda: Linda Chung’s image is “Jade Girl”! Beit in real life or in my work, this is my true personality. Maybe this way, theimage might have been too firmly set in the public’s mind, so people might feelthat I am doing the same thing over and over again, but these few years, I haveactually tried many different roles, such as the wayward girl in
, ’s old woman, the rebelliousgirl in , the stupid but pretty model in , and ’s cool teacher Miss Cool, butthe audience still feel that I am a ‘Good Girl’.

Yangcheng Wanbao: In the entertainmentindustry, isn’t it difficult to be a Jade Girl?

Linda: There were reports saying that I wason bad terms with some of my colleagues, and there were also rumours that werecompletely untrue. I feel that I am very fortunate, I do not become the subjectof such publications very often. I do not feel that it is too difficult to be a‘good good girl’, maybe this could be something to do with my familybackground. I did not come from a very wealthy family, and my parents taught mefrom young to be upright, and showered me with love. Having entered the industry,I do not feel that I have turned bad. Other than work, I do not care at allabout the other things.

Yangcheng Wanbao: Wouldn’t this innocentpersonality of yours be really easy to manipulate or bully?

Linda: Actually this personality would resultin two possible effects—you are too pure, and become easy to bully, or peoplecould not bear to bully you, and instead be even nicer to you. I am very rarelybullied. Innocence is not equivalent to stupidity, and I think things to be abit more simple than normal, but would try my best to behave professionally inmy workplace, and others would have no chance to knock me down.

Yangcheng Wanbao: You have really never hadany incidents of suffering grievances?

Linda: Everyone has unhappy experiences, andI had such incidences when I first entered the entertainment circle. During thattime, there were many notices, but those that were arranged to start work theearliest and knock off work the latest entirely did not have time to sleep. Iwas also misunderstood to be “acting stupid” before, and at that time I wasreally hurt. But these things only happened once or twice, so I am verygrateful.

Important Word to Note: Relationships
I am not a ‘small woman’, I am a ‘middlewoman’

Yangcheng Wanbao: Your career has takenflight, what about your hopes for relationships?

Linda: I place much emphasis on myrelationships, I must be friends with that person for two years before I couldconsider dating him, and once I start dating him I would already be thinking ofmarriage. Although I really do want to date, and hope to get married and havechildren, this cannot be rushed and I think I would leave it to Mother Natureto decide.

Yangcheng Wanbao: Having been in theentertainment circle for so long, you have not had feelings towards anyone?

Linda: I would hide it even if I did havefeelings for someone, and I would not tell anyone about these things. When itcomes to relationships, I always deal with things in a very low-profiled way.(laughs)

Yangcheng Wanbao: If you date, would youchoose to develop the relationship in the ‘underground relationship’ way?

Linda: This is a matter of time, when bothparties feel that it is time, the members of the public will know.

Yangcheng Wanbao: In the face ofrelationships and work, how would you make a decision?

Linda: I have a ‘little woman’ side, but Icould not say that I am entirely one, I should be considered a ‘middlewoman’—when I am in my late tens or early twenties, my career definitely comesfirst, but after that family is important as well. If I meet someone I lovevery deeply, I would surely choose family.

Yangcheng Wanbao: What is your idea of anideal better half?

Linda: The most important would be that he ispractical, compassionate and good to his family members, and could give me asense of security. He must be willing to start a family, and cannot be goingaround with a playboy attitude. As to appearance, this is completely notimportant, as long as he looks good to me. I will also not consider his wealth.

Reporter’s Impression

Each time there is a promotional event, LindaChung is not a hot spot for mass interviewing, but each time she definitelygives one the feeling of familiarity and warmth, she will not be false or try tocatch media attention, but will answer according to the questions posed to her,and makes people feel good towards her. This telephone interview was done whileLinda was attending the Blessing Ceremony for ,during the break. On the phone, Linda was busy preparing by setting her hair,putting on makeup, but she still seriously and conscientiously answered eachand every question. Although her Chinese is not good, she still tried to forceout words of Mandarin here and there, and was really cute. As she said herself,naïveté is not equivalent to stupidity, and in this really colourful entertainmentcircle, maintaining a innocent and pure heart is not easy at all, how could shebe a stupid woman?

Column Captions
Innocent Girl vs. Bad Girl

3 years into enteringthe industry, Linda Chung had the chance to take part in the large-scaleproduction . In the drama, she acted as a “Good Girl”,Sheung Joi Sum, who was loved by many people. She and Raymond Lam acted aspartners in the drama, and in the process many rumours were started regardingtheir relationship.

Linda acted as a “WetGirl in Mongkok” (wayward female youth) Sze Ka-ka, and her character progressedfrom a bad girl lacking the warmth of family relationships, to a positiveone. In the drama, Linda even had fighting and pregnancy scenes, and thefilming was quite much of a challenge.

This drama was anotherof Linda’s breakthroughs, her character as “Ho Choi Mui” (meaning lucky girl)had a great range of ages to act. She had to act as a youth in her late tens toa 70+ year-old woman. Although she sacrificed her image for the production, thecharacter helped Linda to attract many younger fans.

Linda acted as a“Pretty Model” Zhong Tak-yi, and had many cute ‘gwing’ facial expressionsduring the show, and the muddle-headed, silly acting brought great comicrelief.

Linda acted as acool-on-the-outside, warm-on-the-inside female teacher Miss Cool (extremeright), and was cheated of her feelings by a police officer (Moses Chan). Thischaracter that experienced such a depth of emotional trauma caused many viewersto adopt an approving stance towards Linda, and she finally managed to drop the“vase” image.

Translated by ibellchu@Linda Cottage

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