Thursday, June 30, 2011

Police Take Linda Home, Get Denounced for Wasting Tax Payers Money

Recently Linda Chung has been filming series into the late nights, yesterday morning she exposed on Weibo that the police took her home. She wrote: "Something interesting happened today, I was waiting for a long time and still no taxi. Fortunately a police van came by and they gave me a ride home. Thanx a lot! Good night everyone! Sweet dreams!"

Fans praised Linda for being able to catch the police's attention and get their help, but some people denounced her that she's wasting the tax payers' money and suspects the police violated the police regulations.

Reporters contracted Linda by phone and she explained: "At the time it was just a few minutes into midnight. I was standing outside of TVB City for a long time and still no taxi. Coincidentally, a police van passed by and I went up to ask if they could take me to a place where there are taxis. (Posting on Weibo, not afraid of suffering a strike?) Nope, they will do the same if they see females or elders in the same situation. This is for basic safety reasons, to go protect citizens. After all, it is dangerous for a girl to be out alone so late at night. (Just because of you?) Nope."

I get it!!!! Of course Linda needs protection!!! She's popular and its bad for a girl to go home alone at night without stalker and paparazzi!!!!

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

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