Monday, June 6, 2011

Moses Chan Refuses To Be 'cheap Man', Never Cheated In A Relationship

Moses Chan had always been labeled as the 'super deal' in the industry, but because of the recent TVB series Yes Sir, Sorry Sir, he gets named 'cheap man of the century'. In the series, he plays an undercover cop that cheats Linda Chung's love due to his investigation. Netizens were displeased by this and scolded that he's a 'cheap man'. Earlier Moses and Yes Sir's lead actress Tavia Yeung attended an Audi sports car event. Moses laughed and sighed: "I have never cheated a relationship with a girl, never in real life or acting. This proves the series is popular, audience are too into the series, but after the finale, I believe people won't yell at me anymore and know how good I am."

Asked if he gets scolded by Housewives (See Lai) when he's out on the streets? Tavia who was standing besides him threw stones on the down Moses, and said he gets eggs thrown at him. Moses said: "Choi! Touch wood!" Later, Tavia helped him out: "We are a bitter couple, very miserable!" He expressed after the audience watches the finale, they will see a new light in Moses Chan. The other night, Yes Sir finale was broadcast, the love between Moses and Tavia finally found a way, but that was not made clear.

When speaking of Linda Chung's role as Miss Koo being favored by audience, her 'fame by one cry' gets her an opportunity to seize TV Queen. Towards this, Tavia was asked if she felt Linda stole the limelight? Tavia did not feel so and supported Linda for TV Queen. Moses helped out too: "I want them both to get TV Queen!"

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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