Thursday, November 12, 2009

Linda Support Tavia to win the best actress award


Linda Chung revealed that she hasn't film any new TVB series this year, therefore she is not in the position to be nominated for any TV Award. However, ther are 4 series is haven't aired yet and she hope next year she will have a chance to be nominated. Linda will performing with Raymond in the 42nd Anniversary Award Ceremony.

Talking about this year's TV best actress nominatio, Linda hope Tavia Yeung will get the Awards. Because Lindathink that Tavia role is difficult. She feel that Tavia role is difficult and develop. Linda always get bullied being a good girl, and have to cry a lot in most series and because my face can not act bullied good but hopefully there a chance for a change,


  1. Hi LinDa Chung we well support you

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  3. This is not Linda I already said I am just a fans create this blog for her fans to know her news but I think linda is gonna be happy if you support her