Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Women played Linda ( 72 tenants )



Today there is more than 100 arrived in Hong Kong and overseas media to the openning last night and early morning of " 72 tenant" Factory King. Almost 30 TVB actors were also pesent to congratulate this very memorable day! Long story short, now including pictures immediately brought fresh and hot photo.Next week there will be ceremonie throughout course of worship, the one to do this the Making of segments and visit to Zhiwei, Stephy, ancestorsblue, and the music video of Miss.

Linda Chung is not dress up or make up a lots she wear a cute glass and a purple jacket and a black jean. There is some actors was there is Bosco Wong, Michael Tse and Ron Ng. Linda dress really normal because she said is not a very important day is a fun celebrating day. But there still many reporter and fans around.

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