Thursday, November 12, 2009

Linda Chung brave revealing scene


TVB's 2010 Sales Presentationbroadcast brave revealing clip of Linda Chungchanging and Kate Tsui and Michael Tse sex scene. In both clip, the artistes appeared half-naked, which sewts a challange to the television standards!

Earlier Fala Chen's bra scene in TVB series ( The Stew of Life ) received 26 complaint by the broadcast Authority but TVB only claim that is was necessary for the scene as an excuse. On the night of the Sale Presentation, TVB again broadcast hot girl Linda Chung and Kate Tsui revealing skin to acttract the advertisers.

IN the Cross Boundary Exporation clip, the scene talked about a pseudo-model played by Linda Chung changing someone was pepping in. The camera angle shows that she was completely naked, with her private parts black out (covered). Linda who studied the United State said: I already filmed this scene! I feel that if its necessary for the scene, there is not a problem. The awareness is ok too! Acually the scene talked about someone secretly recording the leng mo. For this scene, I already did all the precaution needed. I used silk stocking and legging underneath.

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