Friday, November 13, 2009

Linda and Bosco ?

Linda Chung and Bosco Wong is the best couple in TVB ? is depent on what people thinking but for my think is they are a lovely couple. Some fans ask Linda how do I feel when she have a romance scene with Bosco? Linda said he a great guy with a lovely smile, he is talented and very funny I feel good when acting with him because he very seriously on acting so I have to pay attention too. And some other report ask Are you two dating? Linda said NO we are not dating is honest we are not dating. We are really good friend, I know we going to show sing duet and act a lot of movie and series together but we are just normal friend. When reporter ask Bosco the same question he said Linda is a sweet a beautiful and talented girl whoever date her is their luckness but I don't have the luck to date her. But we are god friend and we love to perform together and having fun together at series or hangout.

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