Wednesday, November 25, 2009

About Linda Chung FEELING


Linda Chung is a sweet a lovely actress in TVB, but sometimes she said she was scare because maybe sometimes I am in a scene that is dangerous what would happen to me ? Like last time when she did an excident scene she get her finger cut blood out a lot.

Linda said in her life she been through a lot of things but sometimes she want a different. Some reporter ask her do you jealous of Kate Tsui ? Linda said we are not best friend we hsve been in the same series once is Moonlight Resonance and we never talk or go show together either how would I be jealous of her.

Whenever I was acting with a guys like Benny Chan, Raymond Lam, Steven Ma or Bosco Wong my feeling is still nervous, because there face is very good and I am scared I am gonna mess up, I don't feel 100 % good but I still try my best to done my jobs. Either an crying scene, a sad scene or a mean scene with them I still try my very best.

My fashion for life is normal I don't wear fansy cloth or dress to go shopping or eating just wear jeans and some normal dress. But when there is a prom or go to show I have to wear a dress I would like to wear jeans to dance but if sometimes I have to then I wear it. If I come to TVB Birthday, Celebration or Ceremony I would wear fansy dress because I don't want to compete with anybody I just wanted to look elegant and pretty like other actress. Make up is I don't wear it everyday at all. Only when I went to show or TVB celebration someone is going to do my hair and make up for me but dress I have to pick my own. I make up alone sometimes but not every pretty and it take a long time so sometimes I am lazy.

The most important people in my life is my Family, Friends, Fans and TVB if i don't have my family i wouldn't be here and if i don't have friends then no one can share story with. And I have all of my lovely fans who've been supporting me all these years. An THANK YOU to TVB for making my dream come true.

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