Friday, November 13, 2009

Linda Chung has intentions for a pregnancy Photobook


Linda Chung was shooting a car accident scene for the new series Cross Boundary Explorers. The scene talked about how Linda was drunk and got in a car accident, where her car drove off the cliff. The scene was quite dangerous and scary, although there was a triple stunts, when she was in The Gem Of Life, she did have one scene that she have a car eccident where she got injured, she expressed that she felt frightened. And so is Moonlight Resonance while she driving she almost hit the car but she didn't but she still nervous and worry of those triple dangerous scene.

In The Gem Of Life she one a scene where she got into a car accident and the peace of broken glass injured, Linda said: Last time when she did theses accident scene, the cat fell into the water and the broken glass cut her hand, her blood come out a lot but it is not a very big deal for her to go to the hospital, so the next time she said she gonna be more carefu, look and be careul when she touch somethings.

Also in the series Linda dresses like a o leung, toward these o lengs releasing Photobook, Linda expressed that when she get pregnant she have interesting in to doing a photobook for a good memores. She also doesn't mind using art to express he personal feeling.

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