Sunday, November 29, 2009

TVB 42nd Newspaper


Every single TVB actress dress up as their character in their series, but Linda Chung is dress up very speacial but not in a character. She dress really nice with a gold dress and a really special thing is her hair she look very different with the color and the style, when I watch the video I though is was Sharon not Linda. Beyond The Realm of Conscience is one of the most series that people watch and many people thinks that Tavia Yeung character is the BEST, some other said Charmaine Sheh is the BEST. For Linda she very support Tavia not Charmaine but Linda said that Charmaine character it was ok.

For me i go for Tavia Yeung because her character was really difficult because to be nice in a series is deffinitly easy, but when you step in a mean character it was difficult, Tavia said that the make up artist is doing very well that her make up look very mean and she like the eyes because the wait she look is really scary and people said that her eyes almost pop-out the way she look. And Selena Li is a great character too, before she was been kinda mean but she fix the mean later. But Tavia still jealous that the King ( Moses Chan ) is always came to her and Tavia keep trying to making trouble and blame on Selena. Head Chung and Head Yuen is very different they don't like each other but sometimes they be friends and get mad at each other again then fight each other blame on each other.

Kevin Cheng character it was kinda difficult and so s Moses Chan they both have kinda the same character but not really Kevin is Moses Chan good friend on this series but they both like Sam Ho ( Charmaine Sheh ) they both never fight for Charmaine Kevin wanted to move out so Charmaine and kevin have their own life. Moses Chan King said yes but something stop that Kevin and Charmaine can't move out.

There is many other actors I can not count all but that a little details. And there is MANY other series like Born Rich or The Stew of Life you all should watch it all those are really good series and ENJOY.

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