Thursday, November 12, 2009

Linda Chung want to play a Villian


Linda Chung is at the recording for TVB 42nd Program N.B.I a few days ago. She started that she wasn't worried host Amigo Chui would be hard on her with his question. She said she not afraid of his question asking about my personal life or rumors, because there is nothing. I can answer the question properly. The reason I have come on to this show because to promote my album. Linda also revealed that she had been watching Beyond The Realm Of Conscience. She said she really enjoy it. It would be great if I were in Tavia Yeung role in the series. I would like to potray a villian role. I have nver played an evil character befor,. I always wanted to try but mostly I only get to play a good role a good girl. But is difficult to play this role too. She would like to potray a blind and handicap person.

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