Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TVB last chance to VOTE


Since the "TVB Anniversary Awards 2009" Since the commencement of voting earlier this month, setting off a feferendum fever, depending on the emperor after the best dramas such as who is winning, everyone quoted talking about the end result is of course to wait until December 4 announced.

Extraordinary stregth of the candidates, well-matched, competition inevitably intenses. Especially those of one man vote elected TVB.com popular too "Awards" votes to the most intense, the candidates off the power of the earlier votes User expect to be sure, immediately to the "Video" area viewing trans-pacific VOTE FRAGMENTS.

" TVB Anniversary Awards 2009" online voting is ended 11/29/09 is ended last Sunday. Now you can not VOTE online anymore bu you can send for give your Votes.

There is some pictures of some artist that you might wanted to vote for:


Translate by Me ( Lily Lee )
Pictures at TVB.com

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