Friday, December 4, 2009

Linda hope to have an award for her song


Last night, Linda is recording for JSG, is one song she is singing was her new song Miss You day and Night which is the best and it got in first place. Linda said: I am really happy, I never thought that my first composed song would be the winning song. She hope that this year at the Music Awards, she get to get an award for her song. Linda said that last year she won too many awards for a newcomer, she believe that this year is really hard to get an awards. This year she was busy on the filming and didn't promote my song much. She hope to have time to promote her new album. Lately, she have been really usy shootingg her new film " House of 72 Tenants", she will be a strong a tomboy fighter girl and it requires her to use chains, while she is practicing, she hit on herself and the blood is out and was seen.

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