Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Linda @ Opera Magic

Linda Chung was attended at the promtion activity of Australia-based grid of the Opera Magic yesterday at the Ciy Plaza. Linda tell the reporters since she will not be working in this Christmas, her brother will come to Hong Kong to send the festive season with her.
Reporters ask that is she spending time with Raymond Lam? Linda said NO, she said very clearly and her face got straight so people won't get influenced by the media, so no one can chase after her.

We both are a good working partners, I was having a manicure on the other day, I have ask about our rumor. And I got fed up that our rumor is going on for so long.  We never started and it never end or break up. I never admitted that we are dating because it did not happen. We still talk to each other sometimes. Some reporters ask her about her boyfriend Philip Ng and she started with WE ARE FRIENDS.

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