Sunday, December 13, 2009

Linda Chung choked by fans to support moving

Linda Chung was held yesterday in apm, Kwun Tong, Autograph, sent a 300 signature chips. Linda sang three songs on the spot, but she also play games with fans, a group of fns sent cards, cake and a collection of different parts of the world total of 80 fans to write the album blessing and encouragement to speak to her, so she moved to so up. To celebrate the launch of her new album-fu that is gold record sales, record company executives told her the spot awarded gold record.
Since joining the singer said later, after Linda, have more exposure to fans, seh's almost all remember their names, she said: Whether I have bad news, or to sound, they stubbornly persists, I have a good thank them for i feel at home when they heard me say that this road is not a pedestrian, but the are ok with me, I would like to moved. ( are Easy to tell you may have it you OK?) Have not come across, mostly family with me say this, if you encounter such a Boy, he should be married to object. ( Wu Yun Long ever tell you it? ) did not. Linda said before her boyfriend Wu Yun Long unfamiliar with the scandal, but after being residents exposed her to the groom's family, which accused is lying, which ( she smile ) I was in Malaysia, which is why reports are that a good comedy, and now not only to avoid the reporters and paparazzi, but also avoid to the neighborhood, it is very hard, but we are friends, at his home or go to the streets, buy glasses, singing K all good and normal, but they can not control reports, just hope that we pay more attention to my career, I have tried to avoid referrin to private life and family.
Does not compete with the sub-shan

In addition, for Kate Tsui yesterday at Autograph, Linda said with a smile congratulate each other aked to think that there is competing with the sub-shan? She laugh and said No, people of different route, will not compete, and somtimes do not fight it Etsuyori more, so let it best, and I sing them because they like to sing, not for the one-bit or in order to award, as long as I express sentiments have a good time.


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