Saturday, May 1, 2010

Selena Li open a beauty school and invited her friends come and celebrate


The beauty school that Selena Li invested in had it's grand opening yesterday. Kenneth Ma, Nancy Wu, Linda Chung, Kevin Cheng, Timmy Hung, Shirley Yeung, Elaine Yiu, Macy Chan, Lai Lok Yi, Yoyo Chen, Angel Chiang, Rabee'a Yeung, and Priscilla Chik came to support Selena. Her ex-boyfriend Patrick Tang did not attend. Selena said, "Patrick Tang has to promote the release of his new album, so he was unable to attend. I was disappointed, but he did send a flower basket. I also hope that his album sells well". She expressed that Patrick provided his opinion regarding the name of the school. She felt extreme pressure about the grand opening. Two days ago, she was emotionally stressed; Patrick also consoled her. Selena expressed that her good friends came to support her without receiving a fee. She said, "Originally, I was afraid that none of my friends would be able come". When she went on stage to thank her artistes friends, she was moved to tears.

On Selena's collar bone area, she had a rub on tattoo of a swallow. She explained, "I hope that when every student graduates, they will become independent like a swallow". She expressed that the renovation fee was expensive, that is why she asked her other friends to invest. Selena, who majored in business, expressed that the the fee was originally $600,000, but now it has exceeded over $1,000,000. However, she did not calculate when she get her returns, as she simply enjoying the process. When asked whether she would be an instructor, she laughed and said, "I'm not qualified to teach because all of the instructors in the school are highly qualified". Although she has become a lady boss, she does not have plans to reduce any onscreen performances.

Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma Refused to Take a Picture Together

Rumoured couple Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma both attended, but refused to take a picture together, and also used other artistes as a shield. Selena said, "They both are my friends. It's not like they cannot be seen, so I invited them both". Kenneth said, "I knew that Nancy would come, but I do not want rumours to take the limelight from Selena's grand opening. I was not being evasive; if I was, I wouldn't come!" Nancy said, "Only you guys (reporters) made it awkward. There is nothing wrong with us. You guys are too sensitive". Nancy expressed that she and Kenneth were not awkward; it's simply that everyone created a ruckus, causing the situation to be awkward.

When asking Nancy whether she ever thought about starting her own business, she frankly said that she has thought about a business revolving around evening gowns and weddings; then she and Selena would be in the same service area, and she will be her own spokesperson. Asking whom she would find as her male partner, she laughed and said the will think about it when the time comes.

There Is a High Chance for Linda Chung to Renew Her Contract

Linda Chung expressed that she has to save more money in order to start a business. She would like to have a business that revolves around children. As to her music company's position change, Linda expressed that her contract just expired, so she does not know whether she will change companies, as it is being discussed right now. There have been reports saying that she may join EEG, and become label mates with rumoured boyfriend Raymond Lam. Linda said, "I don't have a say in these things. I have good relations with my music company". She also expressed that there is a high chance that she will renew her contract, so it should be resolved soon.

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