Saturday, May 8, 2010

Linda won 1.5 Music Award and her record contract expired


Linda, though the record with the Star entertainment contracts expired, but her last night in the "excellent selection" is still with song "infighting" and together with Stephanie Cheng's singing "Give Love" won the 1.5 Award, she said frankly never thought because She no confidence in his only singing, but the wireless is for her contract renewal negotiations with record companies, will soon be finalized.

Asked whether the record company at the top level personnel changes before the implementation of renewal is not? Linda said: "The decision by the radio, now do not know, will continue to launch record has been very happy. In order to maintain popularity, I would like to continue to introduce and work record." Recording contracts, have to ask Raymond comments? Linda said no, she thought the contract is a confidential matter, not like other people said.

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