Saturday, May 8, 2010

Linda supprise that her mom is worry about a boyfriend


Linda attend at a tissue brand endorsement deals, made of carnations on the spot with a paper towel, the mother gave in Canada as a Mother's Day gift. Linda Mommy said to avoid fatigue, this year's Mother's Day called Mommy not to return. Asked whether it will find a boyfriend, so mom will not worry? Linda smiled and said surprise a boyfriend more worried mom. Because of earners in the eyes mommy always BB (Be Best).

【 An informed Linda advertising for the paper towels and tissue paper flowers for Mom off to do Mother's Day gift, she said mom three times a year to Hong Kong to take care of her, very hard! Italian journalist put her at ease to find a boyfriend to mom? Linda said that the mom in mind, the children always just BB, but its also called her mom to find another like father, like the pure calm of her boyfriend, asked Raymond, as is her father? Linda said: "Wushi! (Do not pure enough?) Ha ... ... not you agree."

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