Saturday, May 22, 2010

Linda Chung advertisement for SHE & CO



Linda come to Malaysia for the edorsement of Glasses and Sunglasses brand SHE & CO and she is battleing her illness, sore throat getting her feel uncomfortable talking. However she still been as a professional each shot is differents and the photographer ask her to wear a Sunglasses to be cool, Linda has put away the smiling face and act natural in the spotlight.

They also ask her about her marry and she said that She wanted to marry since 5 years old and then the thought of becoming a mommny! She said: my parents has been urging this year and say that I am still young and just uickly find a boyfriend.

★ Date: 20/5/2010
★ Time: 4.30PM
★ Location: EARTH STUDIO
★ matters: Linda, press spokesperson SHE & CO

Cutted newspaper

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