Saturday, May 15, 2010

Linda and Shirley were known as "The Money Stingy Sisters"


After The Bitter Bitten Linda Chung and Shirley Yeung become good sister. Both were known as Miss Hong Kong International and Miss Hong Kong respectively and both are known to be a very good friend with a lot in common.
They have once been photographed exiting in Kowloon together and buy a 15 $ underwear. The "Money Stingy Sisters" is back together and appeared this time in a cosmetics store in Harbour City.
Linda and Shirley clinged arms and shopping together, and even passer even can't help and ask "They are such good friends, like sister?" Both were looking at make-up, but don't pull the trigger yet but until they excercise their legs muscle and went to other stores and look for a better price. They are smart customers =).

Lily: How funny and smart they are, and I love both of them and so glad they hang out with each other. Is really nice =)

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