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Miss HK live in Tseung Kwan O ???


2010-4-24 (Apple Daily) film stars after the blitz, as the Emperor lived Miss Hong Kong, Tseung Kwan O.

Former tend to live in Happy Valley artists and broadcast Road area, quiet environment, while corruption, located return to TVB and ATV Broadcast Drive, has become far more convenient start. However, Radio Road, Happy Valley and housing, whether rental or sale price per square foot are not cheap, so with the wireless will relocate to the Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, the artists have also stationed in Tseung Kwan O, in addition to the early years, as the purchase of Metro Town Timor Moses occupied, the baked film After Kara Hui also live in East Point City, Tseung Kwan O once sparse population, has now become a track star everywhere.

Wireless officially moved in 03 years at TVB City in Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, many artists to facilitate the rework, but also have moved to live in Tseung Kwan O, together with local rents and property prices than old star of settlements such as Happy Valley and so on Broadcast Drive, cheap, it is no wonder that a minority niche Huadan blitz well.

It is reported that at present lives in Tseung Kwan O artists including Miss Hong Kong origin, Sonija Kwok, Zhang children, Sharon Chan, Linda Chung, LIAO Bi child, Yang Yi, Gou Yun Hui, Chen Shuang, Vivien Yeo and Ko, such as wireless, as the Emperor of Moses, but in 07 to 320 million purchase of Metro Town their home, even before the Hong Kong Film Awards fresh-baked Actress Kara Hui, had also lived in Tseung Kwan O, this week (19) Lingchen Hui Ying Hung, after attending the celebration dinner, then happily return to their East Hong Kong City apartment.

Moses is interested in buying property
Kara Hui had been living in Tseung Kwan O for three years, she said by telephone yesterday: "it was a good area to live, I've always stayed with Sai Kung, Sun home TVB Find Friends move to the Tseung Kwan O, for me to catch live company." Benefits in recent years British Red career will boom, especially wang feng shui can feel her in Tseung Kwan O? She said: "Do not know s true, but I am happy I did it live Find Friends GOD, rework and convenient, and sometimes filming, I can also find time to go home the middle of a shower Teo scared." Kara Hui said the choice to live East Point City, is because of interval is good, she said: "I think the interval of good and practical, I am house system level, the landscape is good, proper estate management are good." means the red have many properties in the Tseung Kwan O, she smiled and said: "Edge there are more than Link. "

As Moses said: "Tseung Kwan O development of De Haokuai it a few years, so the more people start living more. I live off the real line that 唔错, the environment, supporting all aspects of good, then I picked it GOD they are all generous regions factor. "He also admitted that if the time is right, do not rule out further purchases in the number of units in Tseung Kwan O area.

On the other hand, Miss Hong Kong origin, Marseille, had also this year in January to 2.58 million purchase of Clear Water Bay Peninsula, a 695-foot low-rise flats has recently been with her drama "The Queen's Office," Chen Shuang living in Tseung Kwan O HOS Beverly Garden, Tseung Kwan O and King Kong and Linley rental center, almost in Tseung Kwan O into a "female" drama actor settlements.

"As much time to rest,"
Marseille yesterday said buyers are subsidized by their families, she said by telephone: "I love living in Tseung Kwan O, because the Sun company give me a chance to get my house filming and wanted to stay close to GOD rework home after work to encourage more GOD time to rest, like Link they can concentrate on filming. "Why select the Clear Water Bay Peninsula? She said: "Because I want to keep dogs, watch the local uniform Xianduo felt it best estates. Temporarily living Find Friends in a row, all good things about everything well."

According to the real estate industry sources, the Park Central, East Point City, and Clear Water Bay Peninsula than by the artists welcome to Clear Water Bay Peninsula, the higher degree of privacy, artists and from the estate directly from the parking lot to the building, not like other courts having to undergo public platform. The average rent per square foot East Point City, about 16 dollars, price per square foot of about 4,700; Park Central is about 17 yuan per square foot rent, price per square foot of about 4,900; Clear Water Bay Peninsula, about 15.5 yuan per square foot rent, price per about 4,500 feet.

Lily: I don't believe in this post because it seem untrue I don't think Sonija Kwok live in this place because in the news she said really clearly that she have her own house. But I don't think that Linda or Sharon live next together, that just seem kind of fake. So please don't believe yet.

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