Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tvb Sales Presentation 2011

TVB Sales Presentation 2011 was held in TV city and all TVB artistes were well-dressed to impress. This year's TV king favorites Moses Chan and Wayne Lai were the most popular, who were surrounded by many people when they appeared. Evergreen Mak, who stands out with his role as Leung Fei Fan in "No Regrets," was also popular among advertisers and fans. TV Queen favorites Charmaine Sheh and Sheren Tang were absent from the event.

Moses walked out with rumored girlfriend Bernice Liu. While the "Can't Buy Me Love" actor was conservatively dressed in black, his rumored girlfriend showed off her sexy back in a simple black dress. The actress expressed she might not appear in the Anniversary Awards Ceremony. "The audience don't need me to show off my sexiness," she joked.

Always appear in sexy outfits, Fala Chen dressed quite conservatively last night, only showing her shoulders. She explained there are more Anniversary events coming soon, no need to be too sexy in the beginning. Only filming two series in the upcoming year, she optimistically expressed she stresses on quality rather than the amount. "Plus I'll release an album and work on new films next year," she said.

Other female artistes were not stingy in showing some skin. TVB's new sex icon Samantha Ko appeared in an elegant deep-V white gown. Nancy Wu showed up in a black mini dress with several openings on her chest and back. Jeanette Leung wore a girly tube-top mini dress, charming everyone with her long legs. Skye Chan, who just announced her marriage news, appeared in a salmon-colored strapless long gown and showed off her engagement ring.

Every year, TVB's Sales Presentation is an avenue for finding out which siu sang and fa dan will be heavily promoted by TVB in the coming year. Looking at the upcoming series, it appears that the coming year will be the 'year of TVB's biological sons and daughters' -- TVB's own artists such as Ron Ng, Kevin Cheng, Michael Tse, Tavia Yeung, and Linda Chung, etc. will each be starring in 3 series next year. Following right behind them are Moses Chan and Kate Tsui with 2 series each. As for last year's TV King and Queen (and favorites this year to repeat their wins) Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang: Wayne only has 1 series next year and Sheren has none -- unless you count Taiwan series <>, which will most likely be aired by TVB.

During an interview backstage, Ron Ng was asked what he thought about starring in 3 series and being heavily promoted by TVB. He responded: "If it's true, of course it's good! I'm of 'TVB descent' and received a 'TVB education'." Asked if he has TVB blood flowing from him, Ron demonstrated his loyalty by giving his employer much praise: "Of course! I have 'TVB blood' flowing from me, I'm sweating 'TVB sweat', and I'm eating 'TVB food'!"

In addition, Wayne Lai responded to the media rehashing old news about him and his ex-wife by saying: "It's old news already -- no creativity! It's because of "No Regrets" that the media is digging up old news to rehash...there is nothing worth responding to."

Though many of the fa dans showed off their good figures and beautiful jewelry during the Sales Presentation last night, they could not compete with the charm of the siu sangs, especially Moses, Wayne, and Evergreen -- all three were surrounded by business sponsors and fans alike as soon as they arrived!

The long line of people waiting to get a picture with Moses was likened to the lines of people at Disneyland waiting to shake hands and take a picture with Mickey Mouse! Moses was the most popular artist of the night and his elevated status with TVB was obvious, as the organizers arranged for him to stand in the prime spot next to Liza Wang and he was one of the first to come out and 'sell' TVB's programs to the business sponsors. Asked about his immense popularity and others praising him for doing a great job 'selling' to the guests, Moses smiled awkwardly in response.

As for Evergreen Mak, who garnered much praise and recognition for his villain role in "No Regrets", he arrived at the ceremony in his 'Fei Fan Gor' costume. In addition to attracting numerous business sponsors, he also caught the attention of TVB's co-chairman Norman Leung, who went up to Evergreen requesting to take a picture with him and giving him words of advice: "Don't do so many 'bad person' (villain) roles!" Regarding his newly 'elevated' status, Evergreen expressed that he is very happy -- laughing, he jokingly commented: "All of them complimented me on being very handsome -- they must have very 'bad' taste!"

In the booklet distributed by the event, actors who act the most in next year's series (three at most) include Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, Kevin Cheng, and Michael Tse. Anticipating programs of next year include Wayne Lai and Michelle Yim's "The Big Eunuch," Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh's "Colorful World of Sister Fa," and Liza Wang and 4 Gods' "4"

The sales presentation to be air on November 27th.

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