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Linda's weakness is driving

Rough translation:
In 'Can't buy me love', Linda plays 'Ng Sei Duk', who is not only a simple-minded character, but one who goes by 4 'must not' principles in life: no greed, no resentment, no evil, no bullying. Despite this, the Linda in real life describes herself as one who 'can do anything', anything except for her one and only weakness -driving.

Linda's character 'Ng Sei Duk' is a maidservant in the Kum family. Her character is simple and what ever happens she will respond to it with "sure, no problem!", creating a very likable character. Towards her character 'Ng Sei Suk', Linda had to admit that this character is so good-hearted to the extent that it's hard to believe, but cannot deny that she hopes to be more like this character in real life. Linda said: "However she (Ng Sei Duk) always gets deceived, she trusts whoever is good to her, even treats them as her benefactors. If only I could be as happy as Ng Sei Duk in real life, so naive and ignorant, then that would be good."

Fear of driving
Ng Sei Suk has 4 'must nots'; Linda who claims to be strong-willed, is also amused by the fact she also finds herself 'mm sei duk' (cannot die), plus she has endurance, can eat, can be mean, can argue, therefore calls herself 'can do anything'. But there are some 'cannots', she says, "Just like Ng Sei Duk who cannot be greedy and cannot bully others, these are 2 things which I also cannot do". These 2 things aside, Linda also said, in a very serious manner, that the thing she 'cannot do the most' is driving.

Acted till she vomited
"For me, driving is my weakness. If you teach me how to act, how to sing, I'll know how to learn both. If you teach me how to fix a car, I'll probably learn that as well. But I cannot drive if you get me drive, because I have a fear of cars. I crashed my car once back in Canada, and after the crash, it made me realise how fragile cars actually were, so I became a little scared. Plus, I lack a sense of direction. And also, when another car is coming straight towards me, I won't be able to stop the car. So yeah, I have this fear." While Ng Sei Duk in the drama is a person who is physically strong and loves to eat -often eating ceaselessly -Linda professes that she could not enjoy the eating parts, because she almost ate till she vomited, making this a difficult and memorable experience when filming. "Actually, the props guy tried to take care of me very well. He gave me clean, fresh, edible foods as best he can, but because we were rushed for time, like for one of my opening scenes where I had to eat lots of dumplings, even though they had already microwaved them hot for me, but because they microwaved it too much, it lost all its moisture. I had to keep eating them, and almost ate till vomiting.

Raymond Wong is hard-working
In the drama Linda's character will develop a love relationship with Raymond Wong who plays '3rd son', however due to social status issues, they are separated. Even though we don't know how this couple will end up in the story, but as soon as I mentioned this 'lover' (Raymond), Linda could not stop praising him, and said that he is the most hard-working male actor I've ever collaborated with. "He is very concerned about every scene. Before we film, he would communicate things with me in detail, so I admire him very much for his professionalism." It's a good thing that Linda said she admired him for his professionalism, because otherwise, by the way her eyes lit up at the mention of Raymond Wong, I would've mistaken it for her having a crush on him. When asked if she was currently dating, she seemed to reply with thought and without much thought (?): "I certainly want to. People should be matched together with their other-half, but right now I'm just going with the flow. Reporter asked, "Have you thought about when you'll get married?" Linda: "Before I wanted to marry at 21. But now I've passed that age, so I'm thinking by 30, which means I have 4 years left. So I'll work hard!"

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    Great work with the blog. I'm actually the translator behind "Linda's weakness is driving" and "What do you do when air-conditioning causes your head to ache?". I simply translate from Chinese news sources. But if you want, you can credit these translations with 'Translated by karen'. Hope to see more from your blog...Keep up the good work!