Sunday, November 7, 2010

A few words

Dear to all,

This is Lily Lee and i'm the owner of this blog, for the past years I've meet a lot of bloggers who help me to coutinue this blog that would be all the Banners and graphic designer thanks to Molly, Lynne and Ling for create all the beautiful banners for this site. Along with that thank you to all the bloggers who teach me how to used or to make this site a better site. Thanks to all the fans of Linda or the fans of this blog for visiting for the past year, this site can't not be continuing without you guys and special thanks to all the news translators, pictures sharers, or peope who spend their time find articles and post to share with this blog. And lastly, thank you Linda Chung a beautiful, young and wonderful actress who spend her time to film, sing and act to give us a new news every single days without her there will be no news for this blog. In just a fill more days is Lovely Linda Chung 1st birthday and I really hope that you guys will come and share a memories, stories or thoughts of you for Lovely Linda Chung site.

'And if you have a banner, graphics, icons of Linda's that you would like to share I will be happy to post it and share with others peoples that would be greate. Lastly, thank you everyone for working hard for the past year and I hope that there will be a 2nd years anniversary of Lovely Linda Chung.

Lovely Linda Chung creator, Lily Lee

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