Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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The rumours of Linda Chung and Raymond Lam have been going on for some time, but yesterday Linda Chung suddenly avoided talking about rumoured boyfriend during a mobile phone event. Actually, Linda felt that the rumours went on for too long and felt bored of it. She felt that since everyone knew that the relationship isn't real, then why would they want to talk about it again. Besides this, Linda who also has a chance to compete in "TV Queen" has earlier surrendered and admitted she lost to Charmaine Sheh.
Linda Chung and Law Chung Him were at Tsim Tsa Tsui yesterday attending a launch of a mobile phone. Linda was asked if she often loses her mobile phone? She said, "Because we can't carry our phone when we're working, so I often do not know where I placed my phone, I tried leaving it in my clothes' pocket, I also left it in the toilet before, but thankfully I got to find it back everytime. Although I have carefully used nicknames for artistes, but I'm also afraid that if I lose my phone, the contacts will be leaked out ." Linda pointed that the pictures in her phone are only images with taken with friends, nothing special, but she is also worried that if she loses her phone, her private messages will be exposed.
Linda was asked if she congratulated Raymond for his concert's DVD and CD's good sales? She said, "I didn't know about it, of course I would congratulate him, but I don't want to talk about this." She immediately switched the topic and said that she was envious of her brother in the series, Law Chung Him for having six packs. Linda suddenly avoided talking about Raymond, she was asked if she felt very irritated? She said, "I didn't think this way, but I feel that the rumours went on for too long, very boring. Since everyone knows that it is not real, why want to continue talking about it." She also said that she will work hard to look for her "prince of life".
Speaking about Linda who has been nominated as Best Leading Actress based on the series Ghost Writer, but she has announced to surrender earlier, "I am not very confident this year, I feel that my acting was just average, I personally support Charmaine, I really admire her and feel that she's very professional, she gets into her acting very fast and she's very punctual."
Source: Oriental Daily Translator: Eujean Lee @ TVB Newsworld

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