Sunday, November 7, 2010

aymond Lam And Ron Ng Denies Fighting For Linda Chung

Recent triangle love rumors started between Raymond Lam, Ron Ng and Linda Chung. Raymond had always been rumored with Linda, but Ron and Linda "sparked" after they started shooting a new series. Towards this, Raymond and good brother Ron was rumored to have become enemies because of this. Last night at the TVB 43rd Anniversary Lighting Ceremony, the three rumored leads generously took a group photo.
Raymond was unsure of what the triangle love rumors are all about, he expressed that he just got off the plane and did not see the report. It was said that he's been pursuing Linda and lost to Ron Ng? Raymond said: "We never started, why would I lose?" Towards the rumors that because they were fighting for Linda, the two brothers became enemies. Raymond frankly said that the rumors is a joke because shooting series if it's not rumors then it's gossips about fall outs. They have been brothers for more than 10 years and the relationship won't change. Asked if Ron and Linda match? Raymond said: "We all match anything, can do any type of pairing, but I am just saying match on-screen." Raymond joked that the rumors with Linda has been going on too long, this time with Ron involved, he can finally get out of it.
Linda did not respond to the made up news. Ron also expressed that he has no intentions to pursue her. He explained: "Shootin intimate scenes, we are just accommodating the scene." It was said that he complained on Weibo: "A friend disappointed me." To avoid more speculations, Ron explained again: "The friend I was talking about was a friend outside of the industry. My relationship with Raymond will not be affected."

Source: MingpaoTranslator: aZnangel@asianuniverse Credit: TVB News World

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