Sunday, November 7, 2010

Linda Chung Absent-Minded At Work Without Ron Ng By Her Side

Linda Chung and Raymond Lam are rumored repeatedly, recently new rumors spread between Linda and Raymond's good brother Ron Ng, that there were secret love sparks. The day before, Linda and Michael Miu were shooting for TVB new series Men and Woman Chooses Residence, where she didn't have rumored boyfriend Ron by her side, and was clearly absent-minded!
At the scene, it was seen that Linda and Michael were shooting the scene, but rumored boyfriend Ron wasn't around, Linda was not only dispirited, but also leaned on the rail day dreaming. After getting into position, Linda was still unable to get into character. When Linda was shooting a drinking beer scene, it looks like she wasn't acting for the scene, but actually drank the beer to forget her thoughts.

( I don't believe in anything of this article, hopefully no one will )

Source: Oriental DailyTranslator: aZnangel@asianuniverse

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