Friday, August 12, 2011

TVB Female Artists Fight for the Trophies


After TVB Fa Dan, Charmaine Sheh had left, a bunch of other female Fa Dans are ready to get involved in an intense competition to win an award in the upcoming TVB Award this year. Although TVB Best Actress Award was won by non-TVB contracted artistes this past 4 years (such as Louise Lee, Michelle Yim and Sheren Tang respectively), there is a huge difference for this year. It looks like TVB biological Fa Dans will take the front seat to win the award. For example, Myolie Wu as an aggressive barrister in "Ghetto Justice", Tavia Yeung as a solid qualified barrister in "The Other Truth", Linda Chung as a tearful bowling trainer in "Yes Sir, Sorry Sir" and lastly Fala Chen as a senior cop officer in "Lives of Omission". The four of them are competing intensely to win the award this year.

Charmaine Sheh, Bernice Liu and Yoyo Mung wore off her contract status with TVB this year. Each of them decide to go to Mainland to continue their respective career. That's why it is the chance for TVB first line Fa Dans to compete in winning the award to be held this upcoming December.

Already know about Charmaine having won the Best Actress Award for her role in "Maiden's Vows" way back in 2006. After that, it looks like the award was won by non-biological TVB Fa Dans for consecutive 4 years. TVB had won the public trust by giving them the award, but at the same time TVB had lost the so-called TVB biological female Fa Dans.
Until now, "Ghetto Justice" is the current hit series among the public. In addition, it achieves a pleasant result. The main attraction for this series will be the sparks triggered by the aggressive barrister, Myolie Wu and the nicknamed "Law Ba" filmed by Kevin Cheng. In addition, Myolie Wu was well received by her past "princess" role in "The Rippling Blossom" and the upcoming palace fighting drama, "The Queen of All" is temporarily set as this year's TVB Anniversary Series. Even if Myolie has not won the award, she already win the popularity award.

On the other hand, Fala Chen as a madam in "Lives of Omission" was an interesting character to be looked at. Plus, she was with the "God of CHOK" Laughing, "Michael Tse" in the series. They have the great time and fun together. Although Linda, Tavia and Fala are the competiive rivals to Myolie, the other anniversary series "Fun with Liza and Gods" will be aired this year. And it will be this year's anniversary drama as well. It looks like Liza Wang is a threat to all of them.
It looks like it strives a balance record for this year's Best Actress Award. Asking about Myolie Wu via a phone, "I just keep myself in a natural way. And it depends on the public." Asking about who will be her competitive rivals? "Every persons have their own merits. Tavia looks good as I saw her looking thin now. And she is busy filming dramas, looks exhausting. Kate, Fala and Linda are also good, just based on what they had done,"

Myolie had once grown fat for 40 lbs in filming a 2006 "To Grow With Love". From that, she was once been popular in winning Best Actress Award that year. However, the award was won by Charmaine Sheh. Myolie replied, "Winning an award really depends on opportunity, character you played as well as public support. My aired production for this year, "The Rippling Blossom" and "Ghetto Justice" are good. But, I really hope the public can watch the upcoming "The Queen of All". I just feel I am newbie when I am filming this drama because I had rarely filmed such ancient palace drama before. If the public likes it, I am happy already."

Nomination list for this year's Best Actress Award

Myolie Wu (31 years old)
Experience: Miss Hong Kong 1999, 12 years working experience
TVB Award: Most Improved Actress Award 2002
Nominated Drama: Ghetto Justice
Selling Point: Playing Wong Si Fu, she had done a barrister unscrupulously. Have intimate scenes with Kevin Cheng

Linda Chung (27 years old)
Experience: Miss Chinese International 2004, 7 years working experience
TVB Award: Most Improved Actress Award 2006
Nominated Drama: Yes Sir, Sorry Sir
Selling Point: Miss Koo's love was cheated by Moses Chan, her acting was heavily praised by the public.

Fala Chen (29 years old)
Experience: Miss Chinese International 2005, 6 years working experience
TVB Award: Best Supporting Actress last year "No Regrets"
Nominated Drama: Lives of Omission
Selling Point: Responsible in training the trainees to become a successful undercover, her character was well-received by men.

Tavia Yeung (31 years old)
Experience: TVB Artiste Training Class 1999, 12 years working experience
TVB Award: Most Improved Actress Award 2003, Best Supporting Actress 2008 "Moonlight Resonance" & My Favorite Female Character 2009 "Beyond the Realm of Conscience"
Nominated Drama: The Other Truth
Selling Point: Portraying an outspoken barrister, the lawyer court cases are well-received by the public.

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