Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Linda Chung "Maintain Privacy to Protect Rumors"


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Linda Chung and Raymond Lam collaborate a few times before in TVB and both was scattered with rumors and scandals even now. Linda attended at a costume fitting function a few days ago and was asked,You have a very generous personality and keep personal information very safe. Why do you think you should do that? "Well, everyone has their own generous way of doing things! I respect every single artists in a generous way. I have collaborate with Raymond a few times, but were just normal friends who work in the same production family. I always want to maintain my privacy of friends, family and life everywhere because people spill rumors and make it to a whole different level. I have nothing to do with Raymond's love life, I just collaborate with him a few times. Also other stars I have work with, their privacy and personal stories has nothing to do with me."

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