Monday, August 15, 2011

(Singpao) Linda Chung having good confidents to wins Myolie


Yesterday Linda Chung did an Ad shoot for tissue brand ZENSES. Entering her second year as the company's spokesperson, Linda was doing the photo shoot and accidentally revealed her underwear. Linda smiled and said she is satisifed with her paycheck, she said: "I don't ask my manger how much I get paid anymore. I'll know by the end of the year when I do my taxes."

After Linda completed costume series Yuefu Hidden Dragon, she started Propserious Father right after co-starring Steven Ma and Ha Yu. Earlier this year her role as Miss Koo in Yes Sir Sorry Sir led to her being a hot favorite for the TV Queen title this year. Regarding this, Linda happily said: "I have. confidence, but awards are not the most important. That series aired in April with many holidays, and being able to get good public response despite that is a win already." As for her opponents, Linda supports Myolie Wu, she said: "I think she is very professional, she is prepared to get TV Queen. Although I do have confidence, she is also a very good candidate." Linda expressed frankly that it is
only because Charmaine Sheh's departure from the company that made the public think she and other FaDans have a greater chance.

About Joel Chan and Florinda Ho admitting to their relationship, Linda sends her blessings: "I collaborated with him in Virtues of Harmony and think he's a very good guy, he found someone to settle with, I am happy for him too."

Source: Mingpao
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