Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lucky Father Street Filming- A Missunderstand Passers Turned On The Motocycle Alarm


Yesterday Steven Ma and Linda Chung were shooting a car accident scene on location at Shek Kip Mei street for TVB new series Prosperous Father. The scene was so realistic that the passersby were frightened thinking there was a real traffic accident and immediately called the police, "a motorcycle crashed into the pedestrian road, sweeping a few people down." The police and firefighters arrived at the location at once thinking that a catastrophic traffic accident had just occurred. When they got to the scene, the police realized it was all just a misunderstanding. Soon after, a female onlooker suddenly stood next to the motorcycle used for filming and interfered with the shoot. She was urged to leave, but she was unwilling to. The crew was forced to stop the shoot.

Later reporters approached Steven Ma for details of the incident. He said he was just shooting a car accident scene for his new series with Linda. The scene required many Extras to act as students who get hit by a motorcycle. At the time, there was a old woman passing by who got very anxious, misunderstanding that there was a real traffic accident and called the police. Eventually when she found out it was just shooting, she still didn't care.

However, according to Steven, there was another emotional lady at the scene. She was upset because the TVB van parked by the roadside, still had its engine running and AC on, which really caused an impact to the environment. Because of this, she was unwilling to leave the area. Steven said: "We change in the van. There is a limit, after we are done, we turn off the engine. However, she came over to us and kept talking. I just embraced Linda back to the van. I didn't get into a conflict with her to avoid upsetting her again. Later, we waited until she left before filming the rest of the scene. We eventually got it all done."

Steven continued: "But, I do have to praise the police for their prompt response. I couldn't believe that the police would be at the scene so quickly." He also reveals that TVB had always followed the proper procedures to get permission for outdoor shooting; it was no exception this time. Although the car accident scene yesterday was misunderstood as a real accident, the police did not further interfere with the filming process, it was just because of that one emotional person. Steven said: "That lady probably had an emotional problem, she was scolding us nonstop and her words got ugly too. She said we were selfish, heartless and even told us to be careful from spraining ourselves!"           

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OHHH!! What a big misunderstanding!!! Poor Linda!! I wonder how she react??? She'll probably laugh. She looks so professional just like MISS KOO we know.

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